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Poster for Ant-Man and the Wasp

Ant-Man and the Wasp


It’s funny, fun and to a point exhilarating.

17 july

17 jul

Poster for Batman Ninja

Batman Ninja


A beautifully drawn film that simply does just an okay job with the storytelling.

16 july

16 jul

Poster for Dude



I can’t recommend this at all, mainly because it isn’t good but also because it’s fairly terrible in almost every sense of filmmaking.

13 july

13 jul

Poster for Nancy



Character decision will leave you asking even more questions about human existence and the fragility of the human psyche.

11 july

11 jul

Poster for Wildling



Insofar as horror films go this one isn’t near the worse. It also can’t touch the best of this genre.

9 july

9 jul

Poster for Damsel



Not a complete cinematic disaster it is a narrative mess.

4 july

4 jul

Poster for Sammy Davis, Jr.: I've Gotta Be Me

Sammy Davis, Jr.: I've Gotta Be Me


It does the main thing a documentary should do and it shows both the good and the bad of its subject never feeling like a fluff piece.

4 july

4 jul

Poster for Keep the Change

Keep the Change


You’ll feel like your journey is great and well earned. I can’t wait to see what Rachel Isreal does next.

3 july

3 jul

Poster for Unsane



A film that worked really well and is essentially just a showcase of just HOW GOOD Soderbergh is behind the lens.

30 june

30 jun

Poster for For the Love of George

For the Love of George


At no point will you find yourself laughing at anything that occurs here. Narratively it’s almost devoid of most things.

28 june

28 jun

Poster for Hotel Artemis

Hotel Artemis


Certainly not terrible and really it isn’t that bad. Outside of sketchy writing, there’s a ton to like.

26 june

26 jun

Poster for Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary


If you want a great laugh with excellent performances and everything else a romcom can do well, done well check this one out ASAP.

24 june

24 jun

Poster for Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay


There’s not much to grab onto. I’ll recommend it, if only slightly.

21 june

21 jun

Poster for I Kill Giants

I Kill Giants


A well-told story with the personal and pitch-perfect direction...

20 june

20 jun

Poster for Game Over, Man!

Game Over, Man!


Quite easily one of 2018’s worst films.

20 june

20 jun

Poster for 6 Balloons

6 Balloons


A glaring, raw and true look at addiction and enabling.

19 june

19 jun

Poster for Love, Simon

Love, Simon


I wouldn’t say it’s an important film but I think it is a rather perfect 2018 film.

19 june

19 jun

Poster for Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story


It’s a flawed film that’s mostly let down by its weak lead performance. Not weak enough to kill it though.

19 june

19 jun

Poster for A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place


Grabbing me from the very start and keeping me the entire time.

15 june

15 jun

Poster for The Outsider

The Outsider


To me, it came off as Leto doing Tom Hardy except not as actually tough or interesting.

15 june

15 jun

Poster for Thoroughbreds



Not particularly funny, not a strong enough of a satire I think the whole thing is very well-balanced on both ends.

12 june

12 jun

Poster for One Last Night

One Last Night


Come for the interesting premise stay for a really good performance from our leading lady.

1 june

1 jun

Poster for Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2


. I can definitely recommend this one, especially to fans of the first film. It’s still just as funny, just as gory and just and damn fantastic.

29 may

29 may

Poster for The Death of Stalin

The Death of Stalin


This is smart comedy, well-thought-out in it’s creation and painstakingly put together in its performance.

25 may

25 may

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