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Back in february I updated the order in which recommendations are displayed. It had been purely based on the strength of the recommendation: 10.0, 9.6, 9.1, 8.5, 7.9, etc.

Then I decided to create a formula that also accounts for the certainty of the recommendation. So a movie that I'm really certain you like at around a 7-9 would be displayed about a movie that I don't know much about much seems like it would be an 8-10.

Now I'm letting you choose. You want to know exactly what you're getting yourself into? Move it all the way to the left towards certainty. Want to go on a big adventure? Move it all the way to the right towards recommendation.

Here you can see me choosing for certainty. The recommendations are lower, but the certainty is greater that that's how I'll experience the movie.

Here you can see me choosing for the middle ground. This takes into account both the certainty as well as the strength of the recommendation.

Here you can see me choosing for adventure. The recommendations are high, but my experience could differ a lot. Choose this if you want to discover new and unusual movies.


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