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2017.11.12 15.13

The United Kingdom has a lot of great comedies, like Four Lions, Life of Brian, and Shaun of the Dead. But there's also a good deal of humor that falls flat. That's why I made a list of bad British comedies.

The IT Crowd, How Not to Live Your Life, and Little Britain are not my cup of tea.

I've given everyone two lists, Movies I want to watch and Series I want to watch, to get the ball rolling. Have you got an idea for a list of movies and series? Go over to the lists page!

There's still a lot of things I want to expand, like changing the name of lists, sharing lists, showing the number of views, and being able to sort through lists. Stay tuned the coming weeks!

2017.11.07 14.03

I might have been a little too excited about making the site blue everywhere. I think it's subtle and works well for the recommendations page, but less so for the movie pages. Check out how the reviews of Brigsby Bear used to look:

And how they look now:

Less blue, two columns for wide screens, and larger blocks for the rating. Over and out.

2017.11.02 15.31

I hope it never happens to you, but if you accidentally go to a non-existent page you now get a 404 page. That way you can easily continue discovering good movies.

I guess I'll add a link to the 404 page.

You can now also easily get movie recommendations on the home page without an account. Provide a favorite movie and you get a list of movies that you'll also enjoy.


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