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2016.07.28 11.40

Toy Story and Back to the Future. Not particularly similar movies. Yet somehow the similar movie algorithm was saying they were. What was going on?

Both movies are 'Family' movies. Which seems to be a black and white way of saying if a movie is appropriate for younger viewers. Also, the algorithm heavily favored movies with a lot of ratings.

I decided it was time to give the algorithm an overhaul. First, I replaced the 'Family' genre with the average certification (age restrictions) of a movie. Instead of a binary yes/no, the algorithm now had a precise scale. Second, the algorithm looks at the keywords associated with movies to get at the difference and similarity in the content of movies. Third, I gave less weight to extra ratings beyond a minimum threshold of about ten ratings (yay logarithmic functions!).

Toy Story and Back to the Future are no longer similar movies. I've done a lot of checking, and I'm very satisfied with the new similarities. Check out the similar movies of Inception, Ruby Sparks, and Stranger Than Fiction.

Movies similar to Back to the Future.

Movies similar to Toy Story.

Similar movies is a good way to find a great movie that's just like one of your favorite movies.


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