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Over the past year I have completed my linguistics bachelor and developed an improved way of calculating the strength of each football country, which I am currently writing about in my blog, Wisano.

But I've also been busy with Veboli this year. Today that comes to fruition as a new design. I have, as good as I can alone, given Veboli a responsive and interactive design. Responsive design is a fancy term for a design that adjusts to the size of your screen; interactive design is a fancy term for a design that reacts to what you do.

Underneath, I have three three screenshots of the landing page at different widths:

900 pixels: on a computer you'd mostly see Veboli like this.

650 pixels: on smallers screens such as tablets and horizontal smartphones you'd mostly see Veboli like this.

400 pixels: on smartphones and other small screens you'd mostly see Veboli like this.

Look to the links and buttons to see the interactivity. When you hover of them with the mouse the color changes a bit to let you know you're about to trigger an action.


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