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2017.12.14 14.37

I've improved the lists! Not only do they look better, I've also made it possible to add a description, added privacy settings, made the name changeable, and you can see the number of views, the date the list was made, and the date the list was last edited.

Below you can see my list Garbage British comedies.

Check out that pencil! That was a fun svg (a scalable image) to make. On graph paper I precisely worked out every point of the two polygons that together form the pencil :)

2017.12.07 13.52

Sometimes just giving a rating from 0-10 isn't enough. Sometimes you want to share some extra information about what you thought about a movie. And now you can!

Just click on the + box for a movie to write a review (that's also the place you can add or remove the movie from your lists). Below you can see my short little review of The Desert Bride. Have fun writing your own reviews!

There's still a lot of things I want to expand, like expanding and collapsing long reviews, being able to vote on the usefulness of a review, and creating a page for all your reviews. Stay tuned the coming weeks!

They're here! They're here! Starting today, your personal recommendations are linked to what's playing in Foroxity's movie theaters in Roermond and Sittard!

With hundreds of movies coming out every year, recommendations in the cinema are great for figuring out which movies you should go see in theaters and which you should avoid.

Check out your recommendations in the cinema.

2017.11.12 15.13

The United Kingdom has a lot of great comedies, like Four Lions, Life of Brian, and Shaun of the Dead. But there's also a good deal of humor that falls flat. That's why I made a list of bad British comedies.

The IT Crowd, How Not to Live Your Life, and Little Britain are not my cup of tea.

I've given everyone two lists, Movies I want to watch and Series I want to watch, to get the ball rolling. Have you got an idea for a list of movies and series? Go over to the lists page!

There's still a lot of things I want to expand, like changing the name of lists, sharing lists, showing the number of views, and being able to sort through lists. Stay tuned the coming weeks!


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