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Poster for Hellboy



Even if you can find some scenes to grasp onto to fuel your enjoyment of the film, the utter lack of cohesion in the narrative, the tepid attempts at cheeky humor in the dialogue, the grotesque audio-visual landscape, and the lazily conventional character development will make it difficult to see the entire product as anything worth recommending.

15 april

15 apr

Poster for Transit



Transit is intensely effective. It takes comedic and heartfelt relationships and twists them, perverts them in the mire of oppression, until they come out the other side colored only by strife.

12 april

12 apr

Poster for Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary


The overall experience of Pet Sematary is a lackluster one, and I would not fault someone who is too jilted by the first hour to enjoy the festivities in the second.

5 april

5 apr

Poster for Dumbo



The bottom line with Dumbo is that it is a competent addition to the live action Disney universe. While none of these Disney reimaginations have been thoroughly compelling, a handful of them have sufficed.

3 april

3 apr

Poster for The Beach Bum

The Beach Bum


There is fun to be had, a contact high during the journey, but the film sags under its own freewheeling carelessness.

2 april

2 apr

Poster for Us



Us is a wild ride bolstered by Peele’s vision and a crucial ensemble cast. Lupita Nyong’o, in particular, gives a flooring performance that provides both an emotional current and a ceaselessly unsettling atmosphere. Additional noteworthy nodes in this horror romp: cinematographer Mike Gioulakis and composer Michael Abels.

23 march

23 mar

Poster for Captive State

Captive State


In the end, Captive State is not the bombastic-yet-heady science fiction spectacle Wyatt set out to make. But it is dense with plotting and incident and intrigue. A fan of the genre may find themselves immersed enough in the world to ignore its numerous shortcomings.

15 march

15 mar

Poster for Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians


The end result can be fun and bombastic, but it also fails on its aspirations to live up to something bigger.

14 march

14 mar

Poster for Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel


Captain Marvel does its job. It front-loads all of the information needed to understand the Kree and their place in the MCU. It ties up continuity threads that have been left dangling. It presents us another hero to add to the hefty Marvel Studios stable. And it has some fun along the way.

8 march

8 mar

Poster for Alita: Battle Angel

Alita: Battle Angel


Alita: Battle Angel has its glossy surface. It has its tactical set pieces. But it is not a story told smoothly. The narrative is not compelling, because everything that needs to be set-up is done so inelegantly. Ultimately, this makes the film read bland, less exciting.

17 february

17 feb

Poster for Isn't It Romantic

Isn't It Romantic


The film is dressed as a parody, yet its comedy comes predominantly from a recognition of its parodic premise, as opposed to parody proper.

14 february

14 feb

Poster for High Flying Bird

High Flying Bird


It is incisive and sharp, and the dialogue cuts through to your attention span and takes control.

10 february

10 feb

Poster for The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part


In the end, The LEGO Movie 2 is an upbeat yet relatively underwhelming sequel. It is fluffy and over-stuffed, and it is a machine of pop culture references and tongue-in-cheek gags.

8 february

8 feb

Poster for Cold Pursuit

Cold Pursuit


A strange tonal experiment that plucks its frigid setting and its crime-comedy mashup straight out of Fargo but fails to thread the needle as effectively.

7 february

7 feb

Poster for Velvet Buzzsaw

Velvet Buzzsaw


Ultimately, this genre exercise yields little in the way of fear, critical dissection, or mystique.

1 february

1 feb

Poster for Miss Bala

Miss Bala


A glamorized Hollywood remake, a shoot-em-up thriller that makes a non-American locale seem exotic and dangerous to Americans and that dabbles in very serious subject matter without nuance.

1 february

1 feb

Poster for The Kid Who Would Be King

The Kid Who Would Be King


The narrative is not particularly novel, but it has its charms.

28 january

28 jan

Poster for Glass



A film that is too hand-holding, too overt in its genre deconstruction, too blunt in its story-telling. And this takes away from what could be enjoyable about the premise.

17 january

17 jan

Poster for The Upside

The Upside


The film can recite familiar feelings, but it doesn’t produce much out of that. It is a film which is soured by its sweetness.

17 january

17 jan

Poster for On the Basis of Sex

On the Basis of Sex


The conflict is ever-present and the persistence of its central figure is inspiring, but the film does not quite rise to the level of inspiration of its real-life subject.

13 january

13 jan

Poster for Escape Room

Escape Room


There is a fun inventiveness to the staging of the escape rooms. It does not grow tiresome when the characters find themselves in the third or fourth room, as each room has an individual aesthetic. For what it is, it is a good time at the movies.

4 january

4 jan

Poster for Vice



Brisk but not breezy. It is well-acted but its characters are not well-drawn. And, most importantly, It intends to indict without carrying out a sentence.

24 december

24 dec

Poster for Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Can You Ever Forgive Me?


We watch Israel’s scheme go awry, and it is compelling irrespective of McCarthy’s wonderful performance.

22 december

22 dec

Poster for Green Book

Green Book


It is a formulaic Civil Rights era period piece that wants to be charming as hell—it is, at times, but that mainly just makes it come across outdated and sanitized.

22 december

22 dec

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