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Curious about why a movie or series is being recommended? Just click on the recommendation circle and you can see why!

Screenshot of why The Edge of Seventeen is recommended to a user.

Looking at why The Edge of Seventeen is recommended.

Half of a recommendations comes from what your similar users thought of the movie and half comes from all the similar movies that you've rated. We show you the five most similar movies you've rated.

This fun little feature builds on the previous version. Previously, you'd have to go to the special explanation page to find this information. Now you can get it not just on the recommendations page, but on the home page, the movie page and any other time you come across a recommendation.

2021-02-01 23:56

If you're wondering what's happened since your last visit, I've added little red notifications to let you know about your new recommendations, when a friend adds movies to a shared list, when a friend sends you a message, and when you've got a new friend request.

The ratings page of someone who's got 5 new recommendations and 2 new friend requests.

Here you can see the ratings page of someone who's got 5 new recommendations and 2 new friend requests.

If you you have new recommendations, when you hover over recommendations to display the drop down menu, the original notification disappears and is added to the link to your new recommendations. I'm quite proud of that handy little trick :)

The recommendations drop down menu, showing a red notification next to new.

2021-01-28 18:15

You can now also rate the individual seasons and episodes of tv shows!

The Office is a really good example for why this is helpful. While it's one of my favorite shows, it's also one with changing quality. I think the earlier seasons are fantastic and that the later seasons really take a tumble.

Here you can see the seasons page of Schitt's Creek, the show I'm currently watching.

The seasons page of Schitt's Creek with my ratings for the first 4 seasons.

This is a pretty basic version of rating seasons and episodes, we'll be working on expanding on this over the next few weeks!

2021-01-17 23:39

I've improved how we keep track of ratings. Instead of having one movie rating that's updated everytime your rerate a movie, we now keep track of every time you rate a movie making your ratings a history of when you watched a movie and what you thought of it at that time.

On a movie's page you can see all the times you've rated a movie by clicking on the date next to your rating (if you've rated the movie multiple times). On your ratings page you'll see all the ratings, with inactive ratings having a gray box.

Image of a few movie ratings, with the inactive rating of Arrival in gray

Only your most recent rating of a movie is used to calculate your recommendations. And of course, old ratings are weighted slightly less than newer ratings.

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