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Poster for Lover for a Day

Lover for a Day


Even dismaying in its conclusion, the auteur crafts it with sufficient élan to deserve a favorable mention.

4 april

4 apr

Poster for Paradise



Unable to ignite an emotional fire, the story fades gradually as the limitations of its uneven parts force me to abandon the characters.

2 april

2 apr

Poster for Happy End

Happy End


Feels destructive inside out, and the Austrian helmer shows it with a sardonic artistic touch.

1 april

1 apr

Poster for Keep the Change

Keep the Change


Besides the good laughs, Keep The Change enchants with the authenticity, zaniness, and warm-heartedness that naturally emerge from the sympathetic characters.

28 march

28 mar

Poster for Annihilation



Garland conquered me with a magnificent last part superbly represented through visually mind-blowing images drowned in gorgeous special effects.

27 march

27 mar

Poster for Red Sparrow

Red Sparrow


Packs an imperfect punch that only becomes effective during the brief yet violent interrogations and a well-mounted scene involving unmerciful stabs.

26 march

26 mar

Poster for The Death of Stalin

The Death of Stalin


The narrative is no slack and there’s always something happening that keeps us alert and grinning from ear to ear.

23 march

23 mar

Poster for Final Portrait

Final Portrait


Tucci’s ideas, together with Rush’s acting abilities, were enough to minimally shape the artist, but this biographical drama has no place among the best I’ve seen lately.

22 march

22 mar

Poster for Loveless



Left me completely parched and infuriated in the end.

19 march

19 mar

Poster for A Fantastic Woman

A Fantastic Woman


Lelio and Gonzalo Maza, created a mysterious, opaque fog around the core of the story that simply didn’t work.

15 march

15 mar

Poster for The Untamed

The Untamed


Boasts some originality. Becomes more subfusc than scary as the film moves forward.

15 march

15 mar

Poster for Suburbicon



Utterly unsatisfactory in terms of the message as well as highly inconsistent in the art of entertaining.

13 march

13 mar

Poster for Gook



There are so many things to behold...

13 march

13 mar

6 Weeks to Mother's Day


Has the ability to fill our hearts with optimism and gratitude.

8 march

8 mar

Poster for Sundowners



This is a messy attempt to invoke “he Hangover and fuse it with Wedding Crashers.

6 march

6 mar

Poster for Oh Lucy!

Oh Lucy!


Deserves an extra point for the ability to eke out unexpected laughs from the most painful scenarios.

5 march

5 mar

Poster for Félicité



By expeditiously capturing the moods of the city, he passes the idea of an undermined society within an undisciplined country.

2 march

2 mar

Poster for God's Own Country

God's Own Country


The compelling narrative matches the plausible scenario and the actors remain sober in their roles.

28 february

28 feb

Poster for Black Panther

Black Panther


An unconfined, honest, and totally fun experience whose novelty turns it more appetizing than any of the other Marvel installments.

26 february

26 feb

Poster for On Body and Soul

On Body and Soul


Enjoy both the dark humor and the uncanny vibes of a tortuous Hungarian romance marked by strong dualities...

22 february

22 feb

Poster for Are We Not Cats

Are We Not Cats


Oscillating with ups and downs, this moody, felinely romantic film has not much to show off besides its bizarreness...

21 february

21 feb

Poster for Only the Brave

Only the Brave


A touching tribute to real-life heroes and its excruciating conclusion stubbornly remains in our heads for a long time after the final credits roll.

19 february

19 feb

Poster for Faces Places

Faces Places


The spontaneous duo gives wings to creativity...

16 february

16 feb

Poster for Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread


Imperfect characters actually build a nearly perfect chamber film, equal parts poetic and obscure.

15 february

15 feb

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