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Poster for The Good Liar

The Good Liar


It might not break the mold, but there's a depth and undercurrent of darkness to the exquisitely-acted Good Liar that makes it electrifying to watch.

15 november

15 nov

Poster for The Aeronauts

The Aeronauts


What it lacks in substance, The Aeronauts compensates for with thrills and emotions, taking audiences on an exhilarating airborn heroes' journey.

15 november

15 nov

Poster for Noelle



Thanks to its breezy humor and a chipper turn by Anna Kendrick, Noelle makes for a harmless (if disposable) addition to the Christmas comedy pile.

12 november

12 nov

Poster for Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep


Although it has trouble reconciling the differences between King and Kubrick's The Shining, Doctor Sleep is an affecting horror drama on its own.

8 november

8 nov

Poster for Ford v Ferrari

Ford v Ferrari


Between its thrilling racing sequences and underlying commentary, Ford v Ferrari makes for an entertaining spin on the traditional sports biography.

7 november

7 nov

Poster for Parasite



Funny, disturbing, and heartbreaking all at once, Parasite finds Joon-ho in top form as a storyteller, delivering a film like no other this year.

1 november

1 nov

Poster for Motherless Brooklyn

Motherless Brooklyn


A moody and well-acted noir drama, Motherless Brooklyn is held back by its jumbled storytelling and somewhat unrefined filmmaking approach.

1 november

1 nov

Poster for The Report

The Report


The Report is a riveting examination of the importance of accountability anchored by an elegantly understated performance from Adam Driver.

31 october

31 oct

Poster for Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit


Jojo Rabbit thrives as both an intrepid satire and a sincere coming of age dramedy, seamlessly blending wacky humor with genuine heartbreak.

25 october

25 oct

Poster for Harriet



Although it's weighed down by its hackneyed biopic framework, Harriet has a spirit and heart befitting of its daring namesake and her legacy.

22 october

22 oct

Poster for The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse


Driven by its stars' maniacal performances, The Lighthouse makes for an impeccably crafted, though thematically uneven, blend of horror and humor.

18 october

18 oct

Poster for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot


Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is an entertaining return to the View Askewniverse that celebrates the past while keeping an eye fixed on the future.

18 october

18 oct

Poster for Gemini Man

Gemini Man


Thanks to some strong work by Smith and its better set pieces, Gemini Man partly succeeds at overcoming its bland plot and occasionally iffy visuals.

11 october

11 oct

Poster for Lucy in the Sky

Lucy in the Sky


Lucy in the Sky gets too caught up in technical flourishes and repetitive philosophizing to do anything compelling with its premise or characters.

11 october

11 oct

Poster for Low Tide

Low Tide


Low Tide is a promising start to McMullin's career as a director, even though it plays out as a standard crime drama with a coming of age twist.

4 october

4 oct

Poster for Dolemite Is My Name

Dolemite Is My Name


Dolemite Is My Name is a simple, yet affectionate ode to Moore that brings his story to life through an appealing blend of humor, heart, and music.

4 october

4 oct

Poster for Joker



Joaquin Phoenix goes full Clown Prince of Crime in Phillips' stylish crime drama, but it's not enough to mask the sense of emptiness at Joker's core.

4 october

4 oct

Poster for Abominable



Abominable is a kind-hearted family friendly fantasy adventure that offsets its cookie-cutter plotting with beautiful animation and playful humor.

27 september

27 sep

Poster for Judy



Zellweger is successful enough in evoking Garland with her singing to elevate Judy, despite its struggles to break new ground for Hollywood memoirs.

27 september

27 sep

Poster for Rambo: Last Blood

Rambo: Last Blood


Last Blood is an exercise in excessively gory violence and dubious political action moviemaking that adds little of value to the Rambo property.

20 september

20 sep

Poster for The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch


Ambitious and undeniably gorgeous to look at, The Goldfinch is a sprawling mess that never finds the rhythm it needs to really come alive as a film.

13 september

13 sep

Poster for The Parting Glass

The Parting Glass


The Parting Glass is an intimate and affecting drama fueled by great acting and sharply-drawn observations of human behavior and familial dynamics.

10 september

10 sep

Poster for Angel Has Fallen

Angel Has Fallen


Angel Has Fallen struggles to bring greater depth to the otherwise (mostly) enjoyably cheesy throwback elements the franchise is known for.

23 august

23 aug

Poster for Ready or Not

Ready or Not


Gleefully schlocky and willing to wear its social commentary on its sleeve, Ready or Not makes for a wonderfully bonkers and exhilarating thrill ride.

21 august

21 aug

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