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Poster for Cargo



The latest of our brilliant local contributions with this layered and inventive take on the walking dead.

18 may

18 may

Poster for Tully



A deceptive narrative that speaks volumes about the topic, but made all the better for the masterful blending of humour and truthfulness...

13 may

13 may

Poster for For the Love of God

For the Love of God


The history of the church is a study of the best and worst of humanity, and this documentary is a fascinating one.

9 may

9 may

Poster for The Gateway

The Gateway


Fairly conventional but still reasonable successful, even if the ending does seem like a bit of a cop out. If you love science fiction this is worth tracking down.

8 may

8 may

Poster for Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War


This is for the fans, both young and old, and it doesn’t disappoint...

26 april

26 apr

Poster for The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society

The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society


Aims for picturesque charm and does it perfectly.

25 april

25 apr

Poster for Chappaquiddick



An informative and occasionally condemnatory portrayal of a man that spent his life living in the shadows of other, greater men.

19 april

19 apr

Poster for The Party

The Party


There’s a lot of fun to be had here.

17 april

17 apr

Poster for Paul, Apostle of Christ

Paul, Apostle of Christ


If you’re not religious this is like being slowly lobotomised over 100 excruciating minutes.

31 march

31 mar

Poster for A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time


Its ambitions well exceed its success and young audience might get a lot out of this but for an older audience it all seems a bit naive and candied.

31 march

31 mar

Poster for Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit


Domhnall Gleeson still can’t put a foot wrong and Rose Byrne is always nice to see, but this is the perfect and most aggravating example of pointless adaptation.

25 march

25 mar

Poster for The Endless

The Endless


Much more than the sum its parts and it’s always good when low budget films like this find their audience – horror fans, to the cinema!

22 march

22 mar

Poster for Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene


If nothing else, this is a fascinating and original take on a story that has been continuously told for over two thousand years.

20 march

20 mar

Poster for Mansfield 66/67

Mansfield 66/67


An undeniably fun and fabulous romp into the strange halls of tinsel town history.

17 march

17 mar

Poster for Kangaroo: A Love-Hate Story

Kangaroo: A Love-Hate Story


A sad and painful part of this nation and it deserves to come into the limelight.

12 march

12 mar

Poster for Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool

Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool


A lovely if slightly shallow trip back into the memory of romance.

25 february

25 feb

Poster for The Wound

The Wound


Offers a starkly fascinating glimpse into this old and unique culture.

11 february

11 feb

Poster for Den of Thieves

Den of Thieves


Worth seeing if you’re in the mood for some very macho action and an unapologetic ode to the great films of the blockbuster heist era.

1 february

1 feb

Poster for Swinging Safari

Swinging Safari


A wild ride through the strange days of what is now Gen X nostalgia.

22 january

22 jan

Poster for メアリと魔女の花



Gorgeous animation and imaginative visuals this is still everything we know and love about Japanese animation.

18 january

18 jan

Poster for All the Money in the World

All the Money in the World


Mostly a rather flavourless kidnapping drama with the occasional foray into much more interesting territory.

3 january

3 jan

Poster for Breathe



Is it a perfectly middle-of-the-road British weepy with some great performances and a story worth telling? Yes. Did I enjoy watching it? Absolutely not.

23 december

23 dec

Poster for Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name


As a film it’s absolutely beautiful. As a piece of art, it’s nothing less than profound.

22 december

22 dec

Poster for Ferdinand



There’s nothing too impressive or memorable about Ferdinand but the colours are vibrant and the simple message is nice.

18 december

18 dec

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