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The best and worst movies of 2020

2021-01-14 02:56

Happy new year! At the start of the new year I always enjoy looking back at the best and the worst movies of the past year. As I and many movie lovers had to give up our secondary residencies at our local movie theater this year's movies will likely have a bit of a different feeling. Point in case, I haven't seen any of this years eight highest rated movies!

Those best movies of 2020 are (currently) Soul, Sound of Metal, The Vast of Night, Bad Education, The Trial of the Chicago 7, The Assistant, Babyteeth, and Never Rarely Sometimes Always.

Poster for Soul
Poster for Sound of Metal
Poster for The Vast of Night
Poster for Bad Education
Poster for The Trial of the Chicago 7
Poster for The Assistant
Poster for Babyteeth
Poster for Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Somehow, I've actually done better with watching the worst movies of 2020! I had the lack of pleasure of watching Coffee & Kareem. The worst movies of the past year are (currently) Artemis Fowl, Fantasy Island, Coffee & Kareem, Brahms: The Boy II, The Grudge, The Turning, Love Wedding Repeat, and Dolittle.

Poster for Artemis Fowl
Poster for Fantasy Island
Poster for Coffee & Kareem
Poster for Brahms: The Boy II
Poster for The Grudge
Poster for The Turning
Poster for Love Wedding Repeat
Poster for Dolittle

Look back at last year's blogpost on the best and worst movies of 2019.

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