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I haven't just been making all sorts of improvements to the site, I've also been telling everyone about Veboli. Because I really think that it's helpful for movie lovers. So what do they have to say about Veboli?

A little language note, these are all Dutch articles. I've included a link in parenthesis which links to an English translation. No guarantees that it's readable. But the less you can understand, the more you can laugh :p

It all started on march 30 when de Filmkrant wrote Makkelijker films kiezen met persoonlijk advies (Choose films more easily with personal advice). There you can read about the origins of the name and the idea as well as some insights into how Veboli works and where the site is going.

In may, more articles were written. In Hoe Veboli jou de beste filmaanbevelingen geeft (How Veboli gives you the best movie recommendations), Wilco Born writes about how Veboli changes the way people discover new movies and some of the features we've got in the pipeline. De Protagonisten wrote Veboli: filmtips op basis van jouw voorkeuren (Veboli: movie tips based on your preferences), where I told about how picking a movie isn't always easy and how Veboli can help. De Protagonisten also call on everyone to make an account and become friends so that everyone can easily watch a fun movie together :) In Veboli: Dé site voor filmsuggesties? (Veboli: the site for movie suggestions?) on De Filmkijker I was able to tell about why I made Veboli and what I want to do with it in the future. Subsequently, Nostra tells about his own experience with Veboli: what he liked, what he disliked, and what he hopes to see in the future.

My press release was also published on In de boekenkast.

I think it's super cool to read what others think of Veboli, especially when they are able to discover new movies they really like!

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