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2017.05.11 04.20

The Netherlands and Flanders have hundreds of movie critics. How do you know which to listen to? While the one critic proclaims a new movie as the best movie of the year the other critic completely berates the movie.

Good examples of this are Beauty and the Beast and Suicide Squad. Both movies have received a wide range of ratings from movie critics (3-9 and 3-10). To know if you'd enjoy these movies you've gotta know if these critics like and dislike the same movies. And that's exactly what Veboli does!

Similar movie critics connects you to the critics that share your taste in movies and gives you the insight you need in making your movie choice. 35 Dutch and Flemish movie critics are ready to help you discover great new movies:

Check out who your personal movie advisors are! Here you can see all the movie critics and how similar they are to you.

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