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Streaming recommendations in Australia and New Zealand

2020-04-23 18:30

Picture of Amazon Prime Video recommendations for Australia.

Picture of Amazon Prime Video recommendations for Australia.

If you're having trouble figuring out what movie to watch on your favorite streaming service, have no fear! Veboli now provides personalized advice for all the movies linked to what's available on the major streaming services in Australia and New Zealand.

We'll tell you which movies you should watch, which ones you should avoid, and the all the ones in between. Just like the general recommendations and recommendations with friends, we'll express this from 0 to 10.

Screenshot of science fiction recommendations on Disney Plus.

In Australia we've linked your personal recommendations to what's on Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Foxtel Now, Kanopy, Netflix, and Stan. In New Zealand, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Lightbox, Neon TV, and Netflix.

We'll be expanding streaming recommendations to more countries the coming months.

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