Poster for Art Fitzpatrick

Art Fitzpatrick


Poster for Truant Officer Donald

Truant Officer Donald

Poster for The Nifty Nineties

The Nifty Nineties

Poster for The Reluctant Dragon

The Reluctant Dragon

Poster for Canine Caddy

Canine Caddy

Poster for A Good Time for a Dime

A Good Time for a Dime

Poster for Baggage Buster

Baggage Buster

Poster for A Gentleman's Gentleman

A Gentleman's Gentleman

Poster for Golden Eggs

Golden Eggs

Poster for The Little Whirlwind

The Little Whirlwind

Poster for Pluto's Playmate

Pluto's Playmate

Poster for Put-Put Troubles

Put-Put Troubles

Poster for Bone Trouble

Bone Trouble

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