Poster for Kenny Baker

Kenny Baker


Poster for Calendar Girl

Calendar Girl

Poster for The Harvey Girls

The Harvey Girls

Poster for Doughboys in Ireland

Doughboys in Ireland

Poster for Stage Door Canteen

Stage Door Canteen

Poster for Silver Skates

Silver Skates

Poster for Hit Parade of 1941

Hit Parade of 1941

Poster for At the Circus

At the Circus

Poster for The Mikado

The Mikado

Poster for Radio City Revels

Radio City Revels

Poster for The Goldwyn Follies

The Goldwyn Follies

Poster for Mr. Dodd Takes the Air

Mr. Dodd Takes the Air

Poster for Turn Off the Moon

Turn Off the Moon

Poster for King of Burlesque

King of Burlesque

Poster for The Goddess of Spring

The Goddess of Spring

Poster for The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas

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