Poster for Margie Gay

Margie Gay


Poster for Alice's Auto Race

Alice's Auto Race

Alice in the Alps

Alice the Collegiate

Poster for Alice at the Rodeo

Alice at the Rodeo

Alice at the Carnival

Alice Foils the Pirates

Poster for Alice the Golf Bug

Alice the Golf Bug

Poster for Alice the Lumberjack

Alice the Lumberjack

Poster for Alice's Brown Derby

Alice's Brown Derby

Poster for Alice's Spanish Guitar

Alice's Spanish Guitar

Poster for Alice Helps The Romance

Alice Helps The Romance

Alice Cuts the Ice

Alice's Monkey Business

Alice Charms the Fish

Poster for Alice Plays Cupid

Alice Plays Cupid

Poster for Alice's Tin Pony

Alice's Tin Pony

Poster for Alice Picks the Champ

Alice Picks the Champ

Poster for Alice Wins the Derby

Alice Wins the Derby

Poster for Alice Loses Out

Alice Loses Out

Poster for Alice Gets Stung

Alice Gets Stung

Poster for Alice Solves the Puzzle

Alice Solves the Puzzle

Poster for Alice Is Stage Struck

Alice Is Stage Struck

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