Poster for Jerry Hausner

Jerry Hausner


Valentine's Day

Poster for The Dick Tracy Show

The Dick Tracy Show

Rock Hound Magoo

Poster for Paths of Glory

Paths of Glory

Magoo Breaks Par

Matador Magoo

Trailblazer Magoo

Magoo Beats the Heat

Calling Doctor Magoo

Magoo Goes West

Magoo Makes News

Madcap Magoo

Magoo Express

Poster for Destination Magoo

Destination Magoo

Poster for Private Hell 36

Private Hell 36

Poster for Run for the Hills

Run for the Hills

Poster for Off Limits

Off Limits

Poster for Hotsy Footsy

Hotsy Footsy

Pete Hothead

Poster for The Atomic City

The Atomic City

Poster for Grizzly Golfer

Grizzly Golfer

Poster for Barefaced Flatfoot

Barefaced Flatfoot

Poster for Spellbound Hound

Spellbound Hound

Poster for Ragtime Bear

Ragtime Bear

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