Poster for Louis Calhern

Louis Calhern


Poster for That's Entertainment, Part II

That's Entertainment, Part II

Poster for High Society

High Society

Poster for Forever, Darling

Forever, Darling

Poster for The Prodigal

The Prodigal

Poster for Blackboard Jungle

Blackboard Jungle

Poster for Athena


Poster for Betrayed


Poster for The Student Prince

The Student Prince

Poster for Men of the Fighting Lady

Men of the Fighting Lady

Poster for Executive Suite

Executive Suite

Poster for Rhapsody


Poster for Latin Lovers

Latin Lovers

Poster for Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

Poster for Remains to Be Seen

Remains to Be Seen

Poster for Confidentially Connie

Confidentially Connie

Poster for The Bad and the Beautiful

The Bad and the Beautiful

Poster for The Prisoner of Zenda

The Prisoner of Zenda

Poster for Washington Story

Washington Story

Poster for We're Not Married!

We're Not Married!

Poster for Invitation


Poster for The Man with a Cloak

The Man with a Cloak

Poster for The Magnificent Yankee

The Magnificent Yankee

Poster for Devil's Doorway

Devil's Doorway

Poster for A Life of Her Own

A Life of Her Own

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