Poster for Barbara Pepper

Barbara Pepper


Poster for Kiss Me, Stupid

Kiss Me, Stupid

Poster for A Child Is Waiting

A Child Is Waiting

Poster for The Music Man

The Music Man

Poster for The Bramble Bush

The Bramble Bush

Poster for The D.I.

The D.I.

Poster for The Eddie Cantor Story

The Eddie Cantor Story

Poster for Inferno


Poster for So This Is Love

So This Is Love

Poster for Ghost Buster

Ghost Buster

Poster for My Blue Heaven

My Blue Heaven

Poster for The Snake Pit

The Snake Pit

Poster for Terror Trail

Terror Trail

Poster for Trouble Chasers

Trouble Chasers

Poster for Murder, He Says

Murder, He Says

Poster for Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time

Poster for Henry Aldrich Plays Cupid

Henry Aldrich Plays Cupid

Poster for Let's Face It

Let's Face It

Poster for Girls in Chains

Girls in Chains

Blonde and Groom

Carry Harry

Poster for My Favorite Spy

My Favorite Spy

Poster for One Thrilling Night

One Thrilling Night

Poster for Birth of the Blues

Birth of the Blues

Poster for Manpower


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