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Poster for John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum


At this point, it’s inevitable they will continue to churn out these films completely based on a formula as long as audiences keep flocking to them.

19 may

19 may

The Professor


The Professor plays a great deal like the embodiment of my own college professors: learned and sometimes able to fascinate, yet unapproachable and full of unappealing self-importance.

18 may

18 may

Poster for Blade Runner

Blade Runner


Breathtaking visual effects highlight this gorgeous and thought-provoking futuristic film noir tale, with an amazing score by Vangelis.

17 may

17 may

Wine Country


Sure it’s a little messy, and more than a bit slack, but organically so. Just try to see the story as resulting in a few “thematic diamonds” that have resulted from the film-making process.

12 may

12 may

Poster for Trancers



Many consider Trancers to be the best film that Charles Band would ever direct, and it has a relatively small but loyal following that finds it infinitely rewatchable for a short but very entertaining goofy b-movie fix.

8 may

8 may

Long Shot


It’s smart, it’s funny, and even with a length encroaching beyond the two-hour mark, its pacing doesn’t encumber the film with prolonged lulls.

6 may

6 may

Poster for Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile


With lackluster direction and without a hook to keep us reeled into the film beyond the performances, it’s a real missed opportunity to make for a gripping or thoughtful peek into a world few would ever experience in their lifetimes.

5 may

5 may

Poster for Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day


It’s one of the best sequels ever made, building upon the first film without complete recreation, giving us more of what we want, a great deal we don’t expect, and building up to a powerhouse ending that actually delivers.

4 may

4 may

Poster for Hairspray



Hairspray is a whimsical look into an interesting time in the United States, powered by lots of hip (for its era) dancing and a dynamic soundtrack of contemporary jukebox hits that propelled it into becoming a favorite among many...

2 may

2 may

Poster for The Terminator

The Terminator


It’s a terrifically conceived story, features flawless direction, solid acting, and action as relentless as the Terminator himself.

27 april

27 apr

Poster for Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame


All of the check-boxes you might be expecting are there: tragedy, pathos, comedy, triumph, visual effects, satisfying fan-service moments, and one of the biggest superhero spectacles ever put to screen.

26 april

26 apr

Poster for Brainstorm



As absorbing as many conceptual aspects of Brainstorm may be, the narrative does prove to be problematic under the weight of heady notions that strain when presented within the realm of mainstream entertainment.

22 april

22 apr

Poster for The Grinch

The Grinch


While not as memorable or as essential as reading the Dr. Seuss book, or in watching the original animated short film, The Grinch is vibrant and catchy enough to sate the entertainment interests of those looking for a holiday film for the younger set in the family.

19 april

19 apr

Poster for Hellboy



The creature designs and make-up work are certainly worthy of a major motion picture effort, but a movie isn’t exciting if you just dress everyone up and give them nowhere to go.

16 april

16 apr

Poster for Hands of Steel

Hands of Steel


All in all, fans of action oriented b-movies may get some mileage out of this gloriously odd premise, but it’s slim pickings for mainstream audiences or those who don’t regularly feast on drive-in cinema.

14 april

14 apr

Poster for Cyborg



With silly costumes, questionable weaponry, cartoonish characters, awful music and sound, and unconvincing special effects, this is the kind of film that should only be attempted by unabashed Van Damme fans and sci-fi heads who love their post-apocalyptic tales to be as cheesy and violent as can be.

11 april

11 apr

Poster for Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary


While it’s a handsome production made with competence, Pet Sematary isn’t as fun as the first effort, and doesn’t stand out enough on its own to make it worth coming back to if you’re familiar.

7 april

7 apr

Poster for Shazam!



Shazam! is certainly a fun and very funny film in many regards, despite a few heavy-handed moments, but at two hours and twelve minutes in length, it does begin to outstay its welcome a bit...

6 april

6 apr

Poster for RoboCop



RoboCop succeeds on many levels, but the one I’m most impressed with is in making us actually feel something for the cyborg at the heart of the film, with moments of surprising emotion at the core of what could have been a throwaway Terminator knock-off. For a film so excessive in nearly every department, the subtle moments remain the most powerful.

6 april

6 apr

Poster for Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody


Bohemian Rhapsody may not give you any more knowledge about who Freddie Mercury truly was and what truly drove him to seek success, but it remains a highly potent piece of entertainment, particularly for fans, both hardcore and casual, of Queen’s music and ability to power up the largest of crowds.

4 april

4 apr

The Dirt


The Dirt is a bit like the band itself, thinly conceived, glossy and messy, only out there for fun. Taken on that level, however, the movie is a success in terms of entertainment, even if much of it is a lot of empty calories that doesn’t carry enough weight to make for a lasting impression beyond the viewing experience.

30 march

30 mar

Poster for Dragged Across Concrete

Dragged Across Concrete


Though Vaughn and Gibson have had their ups and downs, Dragged across concrete represents some of the best recent work for the two actors...

26 march

26 mar

Poster for Overboard



Even if it is predictable and treads little new ground, Overboard passes the litmus test for any winning romantic comedy: it is funny, and we genuinely do want to see the protagonists end up together somehow.

23 march

23 mar

Poster for Us



It is effective in spots, but taking the film at face value rather than trying to read the subtext reveals an uneven experience that benefits more from its comic relief than it does its explorations of terror.

21 march

21 mar

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