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Poster for For Sama

For Sama


Mother finds strength in her baby daughter in order to resist the oppressive Assad regime, in this punch-in-the-stomach war documentary.

5 september

5 sep

Poster for Hail Satan?

Hail Satan?


All in all, Hail Satan is devilishly fun documentary to watch. Ironically, it’s also a feel-good movie. It’s not anti-Christian. Instead, it challenges the autocracy of government of religion. Simply dirtylicious. Go see it!

17 august

17 aug

Poster for Gaza



Gaza is a collage of beautiful lives against a very ugly backdrop.

7 august

7 aug

Poster for The Shock of the Future

The Shock of the Future


It’s a finely accomplished piece of filmcraft, bathetic beats bearing becomingly between the various edits.

29 july

29 jul

Poster for Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love

Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love


Tender, intimate and respectful of his subjects.

23 july

23 jul

Poster for The Current War

The Current War


American historical drama details the fight between electricity giants Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla in the late 19th century, but the outcome is neither bright nor electrifying.

19 july

19 jul

Poster for Blinded by the Light

Blinded by the Light


Blinded by the Light is a squeaky clean, highly sanitised movie. This is a easily digestible and earnest movie with its heart at the right place, plus a a clearcut message of tolerance, diversity and racial reconciliation.

11 july

11 jul

Poster for Phoenix



This is an effective drama with elements of kitchen sink realism and coming-of-age tale.

9 july

9 jul

Poster for The Biggest Little Farm

The Biggest Little Farm


This American doc – which follows the couple for eight years – is extremely well crafted. It’s evident that the director/subject had extensive experience with the movie camera.

21 june

21 jun

Poster for The Flood

The Flood


While very audacious in its message of solidarity in a world increasingly xenophobic and intolerant, The Flood is very conservative in its format. The narrative is formulaic and sanatised.

18 june

18 jun

Poster for Only You

Only You


Young couple grapples with IVF while attempting to keep the spark in their relationship alive, in this heartfelt yet emotionally draining British drama.

16 june

16 jun

Poster for Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona


In a nutshell, this is an entertaining yet partial and timid biopic of a man bigger than any football team in which he played.

12 june

12 jun

Poster for Let It Burn

Let It Burn


Crack addicts dwelling in a semi-open rehab in Sao Paulo grapple with recovery, in this moving yet harrowing documentary.

10 june

10 jun

Poster for Mother



The fifth documentary by 40-year-old Belgian documentarist Kristof Bilsen is a tribute to kindness and solidarity, and also a painful register of the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s on the patients and their families.

10 june

10 jun

Poster for A Dog Called Money

A Dog Called Money


Watch A Dog Called Money for the music and the images, just don’t attempt to squeeze a lot of sense out of it.

9 june

9 jun

Poster for The Edge of Democracy

The Edge of Democracy


Highly personal Brazilian doc about the recent collapse of democratic institutions in the Latin American nation is a sobering and painful reminder that the individual and the political establishment are inextricable.

9 june

9 jun

Poster for Apollo 11

Apollo 11


The mission registered in this 90-minute documentary is so extreme that it almost looks like fiction. Plus the fact that the landing took place 50 years ago adds yet another layer of distance and alienation to the experience. And that’s precisely what makes Apollo 11 a fascinating watch. Sometimes reality is so fantastic.

8 june

8 jun

Poster for Anthropocene : The Human Epoch

Anthropocene : The Human Epoch


If you have the opportunity, watch this film at the cinema, so you can grasp the enormity of the Earth, its natural wonders and the damage that we’re inflicting on them.

8 june

8 jun

Poster for The Last Tree

The Last Tree


A heartfelt movie worth a watch, yet not without imperfections.

30 may

30 may

Poster for Late Night

Late Night


Nifty comedy about pitfalls and prejudices of showbiz starring Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling is delightful to watch.

29 may

29 may

Poster for The Brink

The Brink


While insightful, The Brink is also a timid documentary.

28 may

28 may

Poster for Freedom Fields

Freedom Fields


The documentary provides some interesting yet partial insight into post-Gaddafi’s Lybia. The camerawork isn’t particularly impressive, but this is natural for a piece of guerrilla-like filmmaking with very limited resources.

26 may

26 may

Poster for The Dead Don't Die

The Dead Don't Die


A wonderfully silly and star-studded zombie comedy.

26 may

26 may

Poster for Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire


Young female painter is commissioned to create the wedding portrait of Heloise without her realising it, in exquisite romance meditating on subtle male oppression.

25 may

25 may

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