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Poster for The Good Liar

The Good Liar


The Good Liar is fine. Mainly, that is down to Ian McKellan and Helen Mirren. But we’d be lying if we said we thought it was good.

5 december

5 dec

Poster for Knives Out

Knives Out


Knives Out is just excellent filmmaking. Thoroughly enjoyable, and a throwback to murder mysteries of old, this is a must-see.

2 december

2 dec

Poster for 21 Bridges

21 Bridges


A safe, paint by numbers action/thriller that gets a pass because of its superb cast, action direction and visual aesthete.

25 november

25 nov

Poster for The Report

The Report


The Report isn’t necessarily easy viewing, with dense subject matter and occassional torture scenes, but the performances and filmmaking expertise on display here make a complicated topic intriguing and compelling viewing.

13 november

13 nov

Poster for Last Christmas

Last Christmas


Last Christmas is unlikely to be a Christmas classic to last the ages, but it is extremely enjoyable and will light up your 2019 festive season.

7 november

7 nov

Poster for Pain and Glory

Pain and Glory


Undeniably odd and Amoldovar, but nevertheless an engaging foray into pain, death, addiction, love and loss in an artistically ambitious package.

7 november

7 nov

Poster for Любовницы



While Mistresses might redefine your expectations of Russian cinema, with its fun tone and upbeat nature, production quality issues hamper what this could have been.

5 november

5 nov

Poster for Terminator: Dark Fate

Terminator: Dark Fate


The action hits in all the right places and is incredibly well choreographed, but the plot around it is at times threadbare, and at others a rehash of what we have seen before.

1 november

1 nov

Poster for Official Secrets

Official Secrets


Official Secrets brings a little known, but important, story back into the limelight, and does so in a tense and engaging way.

1 november

1 nov

Poster for Brittany Runs a Marathon

Brittany Runs a Marathon


Brittany Runs A Marathon is frequently funny and affecting, but also makes too many missteps to be a must see. Part of that comes down to the pursuit of ‘realness’, while also maintaining a structure that forces typicality.

1 november

1 nov

Poster for Ready or Not

Ready or Not


A raucous, rambunctious, gory and gratuitous black comedy that will have you wincing and in stitches in equal measure.

1 november

1 nov

Poster for Zombieland: Double Tap

Zombieland: Double Tap


A funny, gory and entertaining return to the Zombieland world that never really achieves the same zeitgeist as the original.

28 october

28 oct

Poster for Pavarotti



A perfectly serviceable documentary, that feels unadventurous in an age of non-standard documentaries.

27 october

27 oct

Poster for After the Wedding

After the Wedding


An impressive adult drama with all the complex emotional questions that will linger with you after the film grounded in superb performances from Julianne Moore, Michelle Williams and Billy Crudup.

11 october

11 oct

Poster for Gemini Man

Gemini Man


An incredible technical achievement masks what is, at its core, a relatively standard actioner with a lot of heart.

11 october

11 oct

Poster for Hustlers



A fun, funny, engrossing female led drama that never loses sight of its central conceit around female friendship.

9 october

9 oct

Poster for Judy



This biopic is undoubtedly limited in scope and does little to contextualize Garland’s starpower, but it does act as a compelling vehicle for an inimitable performance by Renee Zellweger.

9 october

9 oct

Poster for Rambo: Last Blood

Rambo: Last Blood


A pointlessly bloody, listless rehash that barely meets runtime requirements and only does so by bloating it out with soap opera drama.

22 september

22 sep

Poster for Ad Astra

Ad Astra


A gripping, dramatically rewarding exploration of the deepest regions of space, and the deepest recesses of our hero’s psyche.

20 september

20 sep

Poster for Ride Like a Girl

Ride Like a Girl


A serviceable Aussie tale that overcomes its shortcomings with sheer heart.

15 september

15 sep

Poster for Good Boys

Good Boys


An absolutely hilarious comedy that will keep you laughing throughout.

15 september

15 sep

Poster for It Chapter Two

It Chapter Two


IT: Chapter Two upholds the quality of the original. Not without flaws, but also unlikely to have you looking at your watch, this is a fun, freaky, popcorn horror.

5 september

5 sep

Poster for Dora and the Lost City of Gold

Dora and the Lost City of Gold


Ditch Dora’s map and get one that leads straight to the exit of your movie theatre; you’ll need it.

1 september

1 sep

Poster for Dogman



Dogman is a gripping piece of Italian cinema that marks somewhat of a return to form for Garrone.

31 august

31 aug

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