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Poster for John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum


Frankly, if you like Keanu Reeves and the John Wick series in general, you’ll love Parabellum just the same.

21 may

21 may

Simon’s Quest


Despite some of its shortcomings, Simon’s Quest is a fun and unique short film. It takes a relatively generic idea and turns it on its head to give viewers something different.

16 may

16 may

Poster for Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Pokémon Detective Pikachu


It’s a very watchable and entertaining film. While it’s light on story and human characters, the film makes up for it with its portrayals of Pokémon and, in particular, Detective Pikachu.

14 may

14 may

Just Say Goodbye


Though Just Say Goodbye leaves room for some improvement, it’s an impressive piece of no-budget independent cinema.

10 may

10 may

Poster for Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile


For those looking for a bloody rampage of a film, this one isn’t for you. Yet, there’s plenty of suspense, doubt, and theatrics from Efron’s Bundy to keep viewers guessing until the very end.

8 may

8 may

Mandy the Plumber


Although Mandy the Plumber may not be as memorable or infectious as something like The Ball, it’s still a great little piece of short cinema.

3 may

3 may

Poster for Made Me Do It

Made Me Do It


Benjamin Ironside Koppin’s Made Me Do It is a very solid slasher film in a day and age where disappointment reigns over the subgenre.

2 may

2 may

Poster for Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame


Whereas Infinity War felt like a fresh and unique outlook on the future of Marvel, Endgame just feels like what you’ve come to expect from them. It’s boisterous and epic at times with a few touching moments and some comedy tacked on for good measure.

26 april

26 apr

Poster for The Curse of La Llorona

The Curse of La Llorona


There were so many possibilities and directions that this film could’ve taken but, instead, it went the generic horror route. Overall, it’s kind of like The Conjuring meets The Ring but nowhere near as good as either of those films.

23 april

23 apr

Poster for Hellboy



The script kills any enthusiasm from the performers and some of the acting just isn’t up to par regardless.

18 april

18 apr

Poster for Shazam!



When all’s said and done, Shazam! isn’t a perfect superhero film by any means but it’s very enjoyable nonetheless.

16 april

16 apr

Partitioned Heart


Writer/director Matt Morris does such a great job with Partitioned Heart that it’s fully satisfying just the way it is while still leaving you craving more answers and details as the credits roll.

12 april

12 apr

Poster for Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary


The one thing that brings Pet Sematary down, other than its slow start, is that it feels sort of run-of-the-mill. There’s nothing overly unique or interesting about it. It’s just a solid horror film.

9 april

9 apr

The Horror at Gallery Kay


The Horror at Gallery Kay is a very intriguing and emotionally deep story. It does take a little while to get to the proverbial meat of the story but, once you do, you’ll find yourself running the gamut of anger, compassion, grief, and remorse just as the characters do.

5 april

5 apr

The Dirt


The film doesn’t care who it offends or why it offended them. This is what The Dirt needed to be and even though many will hate it, this approach should be applauded. Sure, some details are changed or embellished for the sake of making a more dramatic film.

27 march

27 mar

Poster for Us



The acting and direction keep its proverbial head above water. The story, though, just isn’t good. It’s an interesting idea but is poorly executed and explored by its creator.

26 march

26 mar

Meet the Author


Meet the Author is a funny, quirky, and even emotional little short film that has something important to say.

19 march

19 mar

Poster for Lifechanger



With its minor shortcomings, Lifechanger is still a breeze to watch and quite enjoyable throughout. Even though it has a slight identity crisis with its mishmash of genres, McConnell handles them all well.

13 march

13 mar

Poster for Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel


It tries so hard to be colorful, fun, and joyful that it results in being completely devoid of all of those things. The story is horribly told, Brie Larson is the worst Marvel superhero in the MCU, and the film doesn’t make you nostalgic for the 90’s. It makes you despise the decade even more.

8 march

8 mar

Poster for Greta



With an interesting story and a good cast with, specifically, Isabelle Huppert giving a crazed performance, Greta has a lot going for it. In addition, the attachment of director Neil Jordan was attractive despite his spotty overall history. Nonetheless, Greta doesn’t deliver fully on its potential. There are quality moments but its schizophrenic tone and total lack of subtlety leaves it relatively unmemorable.

7 march

7 mar

Poster for Fighting with My Family

Fighting with My Family


Even with these minor negatives, Fighting With My Family is a satisfying experience overall. It does its job showing the tough nature of the wrestling business while still telling a feelgood story about a real wrestling family.

3 march

3 mar



. Both Revell Carpenter and Kusami Hopkins deliver great performances with Carpenter being the true star in the film. On top of that, it’s very competently made with some nice camerawork and sharp editing. If it wasn’t for the unnatural and melodramatic feel of its most gripping scenes, Shadow would be highly recommended.

27 february

27 feb

The Date


Both Michael Gonza and Marybeth Paul command attention from the audience and bring you on an interesting, albeit brief, ride.

21 february

21 feb

Poster for Alita: Battle Angel

Alita: Battle Angel


Despite its stunning CGI and action scenes, though, Alita: Battle Angel just misses the mark with its confounding story. It was truly tough to rate this one as it’s actually entertaining. Yet, the messy plot is simply unforgivable.

19 february

19 feb

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