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Poster for Track 29

Track 29


If there’s anything for certain, however, one can confidently assert that it’s positively dripping in brightly-coloured 1980s visual flair and extremely carefully constructed out of its own rich slew of metaphors.

15 may

15 may

Poster for The Night of the Generals

The Night of the Generals


The Night of the Generals is no masterpiece but it is better than its reputation suggests.

12 may

12 may

Poster for Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame


Avengers: Endgame is a triumph for the series and recommended viewing even for those (like myself) who are typically lukewarm about all things MCU.

9 may

9 may

Poster for November



November isn’t for everyone and isn’t without its flaws but it’s still a rare experience. If you enjoy your fantasy dark and discomfiting then it’s definitely one to seek out.

6 may

6 may

Poster for The Reckless Moment

The Reckless Moment


The end result is one of the most gripping and memorable films of the era. A must-see.

3 may

3 may

Poster for Lilith



Lilith is a fascinating watch but also inherently depressing and arguably a trifle pretentious.

1 may

1 may

Poster for The Snake Pit

The Snake Pit


The psychology is also decidedly dated and the Hollywood-style happy ending feels forced. Nonetheless, the overall effect is compelling in a uniquely discomfiting way.

27 april

27 apr

Poster for Dragonwyck



Dragonwyck is a dark, tragic gothic gem...

26 april

26 apr

Poster for Cujo



Cujo is one of the better Stephen King adaptations.

21 april

21 apr

Poster for One, Two, Three

One, Two, Three


One, Two, Three is a great, underrated Billy Wilder comedy.

16 april

16 apr

Poster for The Song of Bernadette

The Song of Bernadette


The Song of Bernadette is a classic piece of Hollywood filmmaking magic.

14 april

14 apr

Poster for Black Moon Rising

Black Moon Rising


Black Moon Rising isn’t the most noteworthy entry in John Carpenter’s filmography but it has its moments.

11 april

11 apr

Poster for Immaculate Conception

Immaculate Conception


Immaculate Conception isn’t entirely successful as a drama but is redeemed somewhat by its unique atmosphere.

9 april

9 apr

Poster for The White Reindeer

The White Reindeer


Even with its short runtime, The White Reindeer does sometimes feel repetitious, especially in its excessively numerous scenes of herders marshalling hundreds of reindeer across snowy vistas. Nonetheless, the overall effect is one of an undeniable and rare cinematic magic. Well worth a watch.

7 april

7 apr

Poster for The Virgin Soldiers

The Virgin Soldiers


The Virgin Soldiers is somewhat underrated and, despite its ribald comedic elements, is more memorable for its hard-hitting anti-war message than anything else.

4 april

4 apr

Poster for A Dandy in Aspic

A Dandy in Aspic


A Dandy in Aspic may not be the finest epitaph that Anthony Mann could have had but it still amounts to intriguing and atmospheric fare.

31 march

31 mar

Poster for The Triple Echo

The Triple Echo


The Triple Echo is an interesting, well-acted drama and well worth a look even if some of the details aren’t entirely convincing.

30 march

30 mar

Poster for Irma la Douce

Irma la Douce


Irma La Douce may be on the overlong and overelaborate side but it’s certainly more interesting and entertaining than its dismissive reputation suggests.

30 march

30 mar

Poster for La visita del vicio

La visita del vicio


It is all for naught because there’s very little actually going on for the most part. When the characters aren’t shagging, they’re doing little apart from bickering endlessly or watching lengthy flamenco dance sequences.

29 march

29 mar

Poster for Vampyres



Vampyres is an underrated, low-budget horror gem with its own distinctive take on the vampire mythos.

29 march

29 mar

Poster for Whirlpool



While it is evident here that Larraz possessed some talent for filmmaking even at this early stage, it’s still a hard one to recommend to anybody who isn’t a connoisseur of the more sordid end of the cinematic scale.

29 march

29 mar

Poster for Us



There’s so much of a richness to Us in terms of both symbolism and superbly-crafted sequences that it almost offers too much for just one film. Indeed, the fact that Jordan Peele was able to corral them in so effectively is a real feat in itself.

23 march

23 mar

Poster for 快餐車



While Wheels on Meals isn’t necessarily the finest hour for any of the three leads, it’s still a decent entry and a very worthwhile addition to any fan’s collection.

18 march

18 mar

Poster for Dhogs



Dhogs is an engrossing and distinctive take on the story-within-a-story subgenre which will keep you pondering for days afterwards.

15 march

15 mar

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