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Poster for Rushmore



In the end, despite my own reservations about the central protagonist, Rushmore emerges as an impeccably-designed and detail-rich film, positively soaked in quirky charm.

3 november

3 nov

Poster for Shoplifters



A touching, modest movie. While some viewers may find it to be a little lacking in real dramatic fireworks, it’s rewarding for those who take the time to let its bittersweet depiction of those living on the margins of society soak in.

31 october

31 oct

Poster for Children of Men

Children of Men


A truly affecting and provocative masterpiece, while still possessing its own grimly surreal entertainment value as an action-adventure.

28 october

28 oct

Poster for Project A II

Project A II


While Project A Part II isn’t quite as perfectly-formed as its predecessor was, it’s more ambitious and spectacular.

26 october

26 oct

Poster for Project A

Project A


The plot is decidedly unbridled and free-wheeling, throwing itself from one exhilarating setpiece to another with pure carefree abandon.

26 october

26 oct

Poster for Due occhi diabolici

Due occhi diabolici


Isn’t Argento’s finest work by any means but it’s entertaining enough to redeem the slightly dull Romero contribution.

22 october

22 oct

Poster for Mr. Sardonicus

Mr. Sardonicus


The film features a solid story, one of those great semi-sympathetic tragically grotesque villains, a darkly foreboding atmosphere, a dash of sadism and some well-orchestrated scares.

21 october

21 oct

Poster for Homicidal



Shots are generally very well-composed, making some great use of chiaroscuro lighting and a split diopter lens. Joan Marshall’s stilted performance as the central psycho ends up being more irritating than slyly menacing.

21 october

21 oct

Poster for 13 Ghosts

13 Ghosts


While it’s a not great film by any means, it has its charms as a quirky time-killer.

21 october

21 oct

Poster for The Tingler

The Tingler


There’s some fun to be had here despite the fact that the full experience has been inherently curtailed when viewed at home nearly sixty years’ later.

21 october

21 oct

Poster for Mandy



A truly singular cinematic experience which is better described than dissected. It’s trippy, colourful, disturbing, gory, referential and hilarious… but also weirdly poignant and transcendent.

15 october

15 oct

Poster for Night of the Demon

Night of the Demon


Despite its slightly silly-looking demon, Night of the Demon is an effective and highly entertaining old-fashioned bone-chiller.

15 october

15 oct

Poster for First Man

First Man


A solidly respectable one with several outstanding moments of pure cinema.

13 october

13 oct

Poster for A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born


Although slightly overlong, it’s a film whose emotional imprint will stay with you for a long time after the end credits have rolled.

10 october

10 oct

Poster for Night of the Creeps

Night of the Creeps


There’s plenty of enjoyment to be gleaned from this zippy, unpretentious 1980s horror-comedy.

7 october

7 oct

Poster for Venom



Could have been great had the filmmakers and studio not fumbled the ball on a few occasions.

6 october

6 oct

Poster for Monkey Shines

Monkey Shines


A fine, intelligent chiller which provides a strong case for George Romero being remembered for more than just shuffling, intestine-munching corpses.

5 october

5 oct

Poster for Revenge



An absolute must for those who think they can stomach it.

3 october

3 oct

Poster for Best Worst Movie

Best Worst Movie


All in all, it’s a satisfying real-life tale on how a bad movie cloud can, in time, generate its own silver lining.

3 october

3 oct

Poster for Troll 2

Troll 2


While it’s far worse than the original Troll, it’s immeasurably more enjoyable and certainly moves along at a lively pace.

3 october

3 oct

Poster for Troll



A pretty bad movie. It’s not so-bad-it’s-good either; it’s just kind of meh bad, albeit just about tolerable to sit through thanks to its game cast.

3 october

3 oct

Poster for City of the Living Dead

City of the Living Dead


A lively enough piece of delirious Italian nastiness.

1 october

1 oct

Poster for City Hunter

City Hunter


This is a decent enough presentation of what is arguably Jackie Chan’s strangest film.

30 september

30 sep

Poster for Salvador



While it occasionally rambles, Salvador is a truly harrowing and all-too-realistic depiction of war with a side order of moral redemption.

24 september

24 sep

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