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Poster for Pope Francis: A Man of His Word

Pope Francis: A Man of His Word


A documentary where the pontiff’s inspirational words of wisdom echo like bombs in our deaf ears.

12 march

12 mar

Poster for An Elephant Sitting Still

An Elephant Sitting Still


Hu Bo, who could have been a true artist of the cinema, put his spellbinding camerawork at the service of a brutal social exposition with plenty of anger and frustration. The effect is intimidating and very real.

6 march

6 mar

Poster for Museo



Ruizpalacios combines adventurous theft, archeology lessons, family aloofness, and a vitiated friendship all in one. The lens of cinematographer Damián García attractively captures all of this, but part of the energy accumulated during the journey wasn’t always canalized in the right direction.

5 march

5 mar

Poster for At Eternity's Gate

At Eternity's Gate


At Eternity's Gate is a superfluous biopic and a tedious experience slightly elevated by Dafoe’s acting efforts.

4 march

4 mar

Poster for Climax



Insidiously vicious, Climax requires patience, a resistant stomach, an all-embracing sense of humor to deal with the nonsense, and lots of tolerance toward its intellectual emptiness.

1 march

1 mar

Poster for Vice



Vice informs galore as it attempts to make the humoresque narrative work in its favor. It doesn’t always succeed and the scenes lack the heebie-jeebies that make political dramas triumph. For these reasons, mixed feelings arise whenever it comes to my mind.

28 february

28 feb

Poster for Shoplifters



Beautifully shot and brimming with precious humane details, the film is always gentle in tone. Nothing surprising here since Koreeda is a creative storyteller that doesn’t need to make a fuss to clearly bring his point of view.

27 february

27 feb

Poster for Western



The story takes its time to develop and requires patience at every languid turn, but once you let yourself be enveloped by its mood, it’s all rewards.

26 february

26 feb

Poster for Happy New Year, Colin Burstead

Happy New Year, Colin Burstead


Some of the film’s passages struggle with unevenness and the watching is more relaxed and fluid after the sometimes arduous task of identifying who is who.

25 february

25 feb

Poster for Mug



Despite some accurate remarks about her native country, Szumowska couldn’t dissimulate the heavy-handedness in her processes, being less interested in giving a decent resolution to the tragedy than overtly mocking about it. Mug is uninspired and forgettable.

21 february

21 feb

Poster for A Twelve-Year Night

A Twelve-Year Night


Brechner forgot to expose an important detail: the political background of the characters. Even so, it was hard to take my eyes off the screen.

20 february

20 feb

Poster for Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Can You Ever Forgive Me?


Heller’s expeditious direction and consistent storytelling potentiate both the gravitas and the titillation of an amusing biopic.

17 february

17 feb

Poster for Araby



Even with all its flaws, you will be moved by its humanity, but don’t be surprised if a deep feeling of solitude invades your spirit.

14 february

14 feb

Poster for Suspiria



Mediocre at its best, presenting very little substance and lacking interesting character development. The songs by Radiohead’s Thom Yorke provide short moments of pleasure in a film to be quickly erased from memory.

13 february

13 feb

Poster for Green Book

Green Book


Green Book is impregnated with funny moments, conveying assertive energy that occasionally resembles the classics. Regardless of the possible nonconformity with the facts, the film was put together in a way that is visually and narratively exciting...

12 february

12 feb

Poster for If Beale Street Could Talk

If Beale Street Could Talk


Jenkins exerted the expected sensitivity for each scene, yet some of them worked better than others.

12 february

12 feb

Poster for Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody


Bohemian Rhapsody is ostentation, offering limited musical insights and dramatic tension within a stereotyped approach. Queen’s burning music is all that's left.

11 february

11 feb

Poster for The Heiresses

The Heiresses


Balancing the low-key tones that involve the story with the ever-present inner tension of the main character, Martinessi aims at Paraguayan society. Moreover, the slow developments suit the story well, which, working under the sign of authenticity, stirs up captive emotions. The Heiresses is an understated yet assured work.

9 february

9 feb

Poster for Transit



The extraordinary performances magnify the complexity of the characters, surrounding them with empathy. Still, you will find emotional pain in every each of them. It’s outstanding how quietly the director gets close to these people.

8 february

8 feb

Poster for Blaze



Capturing the emotional subterfuges of an artist you’ve probably never heard of, the film never felt less than thoroughly lived-in by a cast that was permanently in the care of making this small work a bigger achievement. It’s a lengthy, inebriating, and casually funny experience that didn’t fall into the usual traps of biographical films.

7 february

7 feb

Poster for Bird Box

Bird Box


Ms. Bier, whose previous directorial efforts kept toggling between competent and sloppy, fully embraces Hollywood this time with dubious quality, and that comes with a price. Following impossible, far-fetched routes, Bird Box is a lumbering and quite incongruous mess.

6 february

6 feb

Poster for Heavy Trip

Heavy Trip


An absurdist, powerhouse folly, which feels spunky enough to honor the musical genre and comes filled with deadpan hilarity to please comedy addicts.

5 february

5 feb

Poster for Daughter of Mine

Daughter of Mine


Whereas Bispuri’s direction is guileless and focused, the script, co-written with Francesca Manieri, could have been slightly adjusted, especially in its final section where the complexity of the situation spins no payoff and got me a bit frustrated.

4 february

4 feb

Poster for Wildlife



This closely observed family portrait, a study of loss and trauma, comes in tones of pervasive sadness. The fully shaped characters convey innate veracity, making us plunge headfirst into their afflictions, hopes, and frustrations.

1 february

1 feb

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