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Poster for Pitch Black

Pitch Black


Isn’t smart sci-fi; instead, it’s boilerplate survival horror, preoccupied with death, destruction, and monsters.

2 august

2 aug

Poster for BlacKkKlansman



A thoroughly entertaining, triumphant venture.

1 august

1 aug

Poster for Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin


It’s a dull, unimaginative tromp through the whimsical world of the Hundred Acre Wood.

31 july

31 jul

Poster for The Spy Who Dumped Me

The Spy Who Dumped Me


As the minutes tick away, the gags grow odder, the getaways become less sensible, and McKinnon’s quirks expand into otherworldly hijinks.

28 july

28 jul

Poster for Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Mission: Impossible - Fallout


Martial arts fights are tense, while heists are nicely chaotic and the protracted chase scenes are mesmerizing.

27 july

27 jul

Poster for The Detective

The Detective


Is unpolished in spots, but it’s a major, influential stepping stone in the neo-noir movement.

26 july

26 jul

Poster for Lady in Cement

Lady in Cement


Fleeting tension and a noticeable absence of surprises. Sinatra’s character might be amusing, but this latest adventure is terribly dull.

25 july

25 jul

Poster for Tony Rome

Tony Rome


Sinatra remains watchable as ever – a moderately hard-boiled, neo-noir private eye who surely lent to the stylings seen in “Chinatown.”...

24 july

24 jul

Poster for The Heartbreak Kid

The Heartbreak Kid


Montages are used well, but comic relief supporting players stretch out the running time with unnecessary repetition...

22 july

22 jul

Poster for Don't Bother To Knock

Don't Bother To Knock


Although it takes a bit longer than anticipated, the plot thickens...

21 july

21 jul

Poster for Daleks' Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.

Daleks' Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.


The excitement is always alternated by failed humor or general slowness.

20 july

20 jul

Poster for The Phantom

The Phantom


Desperately needs a charismatic hero, a dependable antagonist, a stirring theme tune, and several heavy doses of sincerity...

19 july

19 jul

Poster for Timescape



A fascinating, original sci-fi setup, nicely expanded into feature-film material.

18 july

18 jul

Poster for The Equalizer 2

The Equalizer 2


It makes little difference, since the revelations are entirely predictable and the assemblage of villains serve only as fodder for ruthless slaughtering.

17 july

17 jul

Poster for Doom Asylum

Doom Asylum


The plot has countless holes and jumps in sensible progression – something that could have been avoided...

12 july

12 jul

Poster for Skyscraper



It’s all terribly silly, but Dwayne Johnson has a knack for never taking any of it too seriously, which allows viewers to enjoy the outright inanity...

5 july

5 jul

Poster for Ant-Man and the Wasp

Ant-Man and the Wasp


It falls short of the innovative fights and size-changing obstacles that were so visually dazzling just a few years ag.

4 july

4 jul

Poster for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom


This latest endeavor suggests that a never-ending series of monotonous, formulaic, CG-heavy blockbusters will be all that this property has in store for the future.

19 june

19 jun

Poster for Spirited Away

Spirited Away


It’s an off-the-wall fable full of riddles and metaphors and even a hint of playful romance.

17 june

17 jun

Poster for The Return of the Living Dead

The Return of the Living Dead


The zombie shenanigans carry on too long and reveal some unfortunate repetition, but the main idea is thoroughly entertaining.

17 june

17 jun

Poster for The Heartbreak Kid

The Heartbreak Kid


The pacing could have been tighter, but the structuring is smart and the ending is spot on...

16 june

16 jun

Poster for Angels with Dirty Faces

Angels with Dirty Faces


Still, there’s action, suspense, shootouts, and Cagney again revisiting his wholly convincing gangster persona...

16 june

16 jun

Poster for Tag



Spontaneous slapstick gives the picture an action movie sensibility, yet it tends to take the dedication to the game much too far, too often.

15 june

15 jun

Poster for Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2


They’re largely stuck in the same routines as before, engaging in overly familiar plights and rescues, peppered with comic malfunctions.

15 june

15 jun

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