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Poster for Sorry We Missed You

Sorry We Missed You


Harrowing and hard-hitting in its depiction of family hardship, Loach leaves no stone unturned in his portrayal of impoverished employment. Boosted by a hugely impressive performance by Hitchen, Sorry We Missed You is important, must-see cinema.

30 october

30 oct

Poster for The Irishman

The Irishman


It’s an emotional film that breathes deeply, speaks softly, and demands your undivided attention. Not a single frame goes to waste in this magnificent coup de maître of cinema.

27 october

27 oct

Poster for Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit


If Jojo Rabbit had stuck to its comedic guns, it might’ve succeeded. Instead, it’s a messy misfire that masquerades as a warm anti-hate story but suffers greatly from its selective sense of self-importance.

24 october

24 oct

Poster for Muscle



Using his nuanced black comedy style and arthouse finesse, Johnson has crafted a well measured character study that weighs in on the dangerous toxicity of fragile masculinity. Gripping yet thoughtful, Muscle is a cinematic showcase of brains and brawn.

19 october

19 oct

Poster for Marriage Story

Marriage Story


Marriage Story is an incredibly well told, heart-breaking tale of two distraught lovers.

13 october

13 oct

Poster for The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse


The Lighthouse is so richly textured that you can almost smell the saltiness of its sea air; it’s a sensory exhibition of cinema that tests endurance but deserves to be experienced.

9 october

9 oct

Poster for The Peanut Butter Falcon

The Peanut Butter Falcon


We are reminded of Shia LaBeouf’s acting talents and his nuanced performance is propped up by a solid supporting cast, including fun wrestling cameos and a minor but masterful turn from Bruce Dern. More focused on tropes than top ropes, Peanut Butter Falcon is a sweet wrestling tale that just spreads its sickly sentimental charm a little too thick for my taste.

22 september

22 sep

Poster for It Chapter Two

It Chapter Two


It Chapter Two is definitely a more accomplished piece of work. Muschietti still doesn’t conjure up the dread or tension we’ve come to associate with the genre, but his vision is inventive, and the strong performances ensure that the film steers well clear of the sewers.

9 september

9 sep

Poster for Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood


Unlike what we’ve come to expect from him, this is sentimental cinema and as sweet as a five-dollar shake. A brilliant film made by one of the world’s biggest film fans…and a must-see for everyone else.

28 august

28 aug

Poster for Crawl



Crawl has a simple yet extremely suspenseful narrative, kept afloat by a tenacious performance from Kaya Scodelario. It might not be quite as snappy as the blood-thirsty alligators that swim in its murky waters, but Aja’s fun survival flick has a lot of bite!

19 august

19 aug

Poster for Danmarks Sønner

Danmarks Sønner


Sons of Denmark is a harrowing yet thrilling directorial debut from Ulaa Salim, smartly immersing its audience in a morally duplicitous epic, urging us to choose sides when it’s never really clear who to root for.

24 july

24 jul

Poster for Thirty



Thirty is a profound arthouse debut from Kostova, studying the juxtaposition between the versions of ourselves we present to the outside world and the harsh reality of our inner self.

10 july

10 jul

Poster for Strange But True

Strange But True


Athale expresses a degree of talent in the story set-up and establishes a sense of suspense through the music and camerawork, but the film suffers greatly from an inconsistent tone.

10 july

10 jul

Poster for The Tobacconist

The Tobacconist


The Tobacconist is a stunning piece of work, and Leytner achieves an unusually understated tone for a project that spans a multitude of complex topics.

7 july

7 jul



Shot through a grainy haze of nostalgia, the narrative borrows tricks from the early work of Guy Ritchie to create a sense of fun in the rhythm of the piece.

1 july

1 jul

Poster for Them That Follow

Them That Follow


Poulton and Savage’s collaboration is technically well crafted and undoubtedly well-acted, but even with the Oscar-winning Olivia Colman in its corner on fine fighting form, the venomous Them That Follow isn’t quite a cult classic.

26 june

26 jun

Poster for Farming



Brilliantly handling its complex issues of race and psychological trauma, Farming makes for uncomfortable yet essential viewing, marking a striking directorial debut from Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.

23 june

23 jun

Poster for Emma Peeters

Emma Peeters


Tapping into today’s societal expectations and the anxieties that can come with them, Palo’s narrative has a Fleabag-esque quality to it which is very much assured in its own absurdity.

22 june

22 jun

Poster for Stockholm



On the surface, the premise is fascinating, and it’s adapted from what should be an edge-of-the-seat tale of intensity. However, much like Kaj himself, once the cool façade is gone and the 70s sheen is scratched away, the film becomes boring and meaningless.

19 june

19 jun

Poster for Boyz in the Wood

Boyz in the Wood


Sporting an exuberant soundtrack and a consistently funny script, Doff delivers a solid indie debut.

18 june

18 jun

Poster for My Friend the Polish Girl

My Friend the Polish Girl


My Friend the Polish Girl is seductive and darkly satirical, cleverly posing as cinéma-vérité shockumentary. Showing the grim realities of making ends meet in modern-day London, Alicja Dabrowska excels in a cat-and-mouse plot where it’s never quite clear who is really in control.

11 june

11 jun

Poster for Booksmart



The characters we follow are brilliantly naïve and still have a lot to learn as they transition to the next chapter of their lives, but they’re presented in an assured and confidently hilarious directorial debut from Wilde who has clearly done her homework. Booksmart passes with flying colours.

5 june

5 jun

Poster for Rocketman



Rocketman is unapologetic in its glittering portrayal of its showstopping protagonist. It’s an unabashed and refreshingly truthful cinematic celebration of one of Britain’s most beloved talents.

26 may

26 may

Poster for Beats



Amplified by an electric soundtrack that doffs its baseball cap to the likes of techno and happy house, Beats is a taut yet transcendent time capsule of a movie. It’s a rhythmic celebration of our formative years, capturing the reckless essence of youth itself.

17 may

17 may

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