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Poster for The Addams Family

The Addams Family


The Addams Family is a cute 3D animated reboot of the classic macabre family, with an important message at its heart about accepting others.

11 october

11 oct

Poster for The Death of Dick Long

The Death of Dick Long


The Death of Dick Long balances hilarious black comedy with surprisingly empathetic drama, even as its central mystery takes some wild turns.

27 september

27 sep

Poster for Can You Keep a Secret?

Can You Keep a Secret?


Can You Keep A Secret? is a sweet and funny romantic comedy with an incredibly charming leading duo in Tyler Hoechlin and Alexandra Daddario.

13 september

13 sep

Poster for Hustlers



Bolstered by rich character drama and stunning star performances, Hustlers delivers electrifying and empowering entertainment through the female gaze.

13 september

13 sep

Poster for Satanic Panic

Satanic Panic


Satanic Panic is a gory, schlocky and ultimately entertaining horror movie, though its message about generational divides gets lost in the mes...

4 september

4 sep

Poster for It Chapter Two

It Chapter Two


IT Chapter Two is a compelling and satisfying ending to Stephen King's story, even if it's not quite as charming or scary and feels a bit overlong.

3 september

3 sep

Poster for Falling Inn Love

Falling Inn Love


Falling Inn Love is a cute, but easily forgettable romantic comedy that's bound to get lost in the shuffle of Netflix's ever-expanding library.

29 august

29 aug

Poster for Good Boys

Good Boys


Good Boys focuses too much on the bawdy humor of this raunchy comedy starring tweens, often to the detriment of the characters and emotional beats.

16 august

16 aug

Poster for Dora and the Lost City of Gold

Dora and the Lost City of Gold


Dora and the Lost City of Gold is a family-friendly romp through the jungle with all the heart, fun and singing of the original animated TV show.

9 august

9 aug

Poster for The Kitchen

The Kitchen


The Kitchen is a decently enjoyable mob movie, with stellar lead performances, but a lackluster script from first-time director Andrea Berloff.

9 august

9 aug

Poster for The Red Sea Diving Resort

The Red Sea Diving Resort


The Red Sea Diving Resort blends war drama with spy thriller levity, making for an at times uneven, but enjoyable movie in which Chris Evans shines.

31 july

31 jul

Poster for Stuber



Stuber is an uneven buddy comedy that can't seem to decide if it's from the 80s or modern day, but occasionally gets in some decent jokes.

12 july

12 jul

Poster for The Lion King

The Lion King


The Lion King is good because the original animated movie was great, though it does feature stunning CGI that Disney is clearly excited to show off.

11 july

11 jul

Poster for Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home


Spider-Man: Far From Home pulls off an exciting, ambitious, if messy, superhero romp thanks to notable performances by Tom Holland & Jake Gyllenhaal.

27 june

27 jun

Poster for Men in Black: International

Men in Black: International


Men in Black: International has some modern tweaks to the franchise's premise, but thankfully puts more focus on the comedic chemistry of its leads.

14 june

14 jun

Poster for Plus One

Plus One


Plus One is a charming, grounded romantic comedy that's equal parts laugh out loud funny and genuinely sweet, with strong performances from its leads.

14 june

14 jun

Poster for Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4


Pixar's Toy Story 4 has heart and humor to spare in one more adventure with Woody and the gang, exploring tough themes through toys new and old.

13 june

13 jun

Poster for Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix


Dark Phoenix provides an unsatisfying ending to the X-Men film franchise, with a storyline that's neither character-driven nor well-developed.

7 june

7 jun

Poster for Always Be My Maybe

Always Be My Maybe


Netflix's Always Be My Maybe is a charming, laugh out loud romantic comedy, bolstered by its leads' performances, and perfect for fans of the genre.

31 may

31 may

Poster for Rim of the World

Rim of the World


Rim of the World attempts a new spin on the sci-fi adventure genre, but it fails to live up to, or set itself apart from, the movies that inspired it.

24 may

24 may

Poster for Rocketman



Rocketman features a stunning, powerful star turn from Taron Egerton as Elton John in a sharp and entertaining jukebox musical-style biopic.

23 may

23 may

Poster for Booksmart



Booksmart puts a fun, fresh and female spin on the high school coming-of-age comedy with a hilarious script and excellent performances from its leads.

17 may

17 may

Poster for The Sun Is Also a Star

The Sun Is Also a Star


The Sun Is Also A Star adapts the YA novel into an unapologetically sincere, and somewhat cheesy, contemporary love story that's still swoonworthy.

17 may

17 may

Poster for Wine Country

Wine Country


Netflix's Wine Country, from director Amy Poehler, is a feel-good comedy about the power of friendship with a stellar ensemble cast of funny ladies.

10 may

10 may

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