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Poster for Come to Daddy

Come to Daddy


So for sure this wasn’t my cup of tea. I at no point enjoyed this. Sure it’s weird but it’s not exciting weird or cool weird.

13 november

13 nov

Poster for Cold Case Hammarskjöld

Cold Case Hammarskjöld


This is an insightful and edge of your seat documentary.

11 november

11 nov



From a storytelling perspective if you’ve seen any of Moorehead and Benson’s previous films you know there’s a richness to their storytelling. That repeats itself here.

11 november

11 nov

Poster for Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil


An incredible addition to the Maleficent storyline. I would truly recommend this film to anyone for a family-friendly movie experience or really to anyone who was a fan of the first film!

9 november

9 nov

Poster for The Peanut Butter Falcon

The Peanut Butter Falcon


Not only is it an emotionally stirring journey it is so positive and joyous at times that there’s just no denying it’ll make an impression on you.

8 november

8 nov

Poster for Human Lost

Human Lost


The film is definitely a beautifully animated film which in some ways reminded me of Studio Ghibli films however as mentioned previously, this film would have been much better had the storyline and characters been developed more.

8 november

8 nov

Poster for Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw


Just not very enjoyable and a bit too ridiculous.

8 november

8 nov

Poster for Fractured



This film is highly disappointing. There’s just never a time during the film where you’re interested in what’s going on because throughout the movie all your thinking about is how predictable it is.

6 november

6 nov

Poster for Good Boys

Good Boys


This might be the hardest I’ve laughed at an actual comedy all year. Not only are the three leads cast perfectly but their chemistry hits.

6 november

6 nov

Poster for Koko-di Koko-da

Koko-di Koko-da


This film is an absolutely incredible experience. To some, it may come off as confusing but once you get what the film is doing and where it’s going there’s a diamond in the rough waiting for you.

5 november

5 nov

Poster for Blinded by the Light

Blinded by the Light


Viveik Kalra is going to be a star and I look forward to whatever he does next. The humanity he injects into Javed is what makes this so much a must-see film. It’s funny, sadly still poignant and definitely worth the almost two-hour runtime. Yeah, that’s kinda long, but it flies by.

5 november

5 nov

Poster for Bliss



This movie stinks. Not only is it a seizure-inducing nightmare but it isn’t a particularly clever one.

4 november

4 nov

Poster for Firecrackers



Most of the acting seems naturalistic almost like we aren’t watching acting and are instead just living life with them.

2 november

2 nov

Poster for The Pool นรก 6 เมตร

The Pool นรก 6 เมตร


Do not take my grade as an approval of the film from a filmmaking standpoint. It’s poorly made and the CGI is bad. But, like…duh.

1 november

1 nov

Poster for The Lion King

The Lion King


I hate this movie. I do not and can not recommend it. The CGI is really good so that stops this from failing.

31 october

31 oct

Poster for Jallikattu



That’s the best I can say about this one. I think the weight of expectation kinda got to this one, unfortunately.

29 october

29 oct

Poster for Swallow



A stellar film and a helluva an adventure. This is a film that puts you on such a roller coaster.

26 october

26 oct

Poster for Joker



Todd Philips completely kills it as the director here even if his script is too often a derivative homage to much more well-rounded explorations of its themes.

25 october

25 oct

Poster for VFW



This was simple fodder for fans of the genre if that’s not you…don’t really bother with this.

22 october

22 oct

Poster for Late Night

Late Night


I really enjoyed this. Sure it wears it’s messages on its sleeve a bit too much.

19 october

19 oct

Poster for Wild Rose

Wild Rose


Jessie Buckley is an absolute revelation! She holds this entire film together from an onscreen perspective. This isn’t to take away from Harper, who does a great job of delivering the story.

14 october

14 oct

After Midnight


What an interesting film. Gardner has proven to be rather huge in the genre film community.

11 october

11 oct

Poster for Always Be My Maybe

Always Be My Maybe


Ali Wong and Randall Park have so much chemistry they could change the periodic table.

11 october

11 oct

Poster for The Vast of Night

The Vast of Night


Oooo wee does this thing have great sci-fi in it. Sure the tale is one as old as time but it’s told so well and the whole feel of the project so fun.

11 october

11 oct

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