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Poster for Happy Death Day 2U

Happy Death Day 2U


The lack of horror will disappoint some fans but this element bookends the film nicely with a more sci-fi comedy centre taking hold.

17 february

17 feb

Poster for The Kid Who Would Be King

The Kid Who Would Be King


It’s simplicity in its themes and lessons is not to be sneered at but instead embraced as it brings this fantasy adventure very much into the real world, making this film as relevant as it is entertaining.

13 february

13 feb

Poster for If Beale Street Could Talk

If Beale Street Could Talk


This is a beautiful film in appearance and in soul and one that will touch the hearts of many.

12 february

12 feb

High Flying Bird


Far from the slam dunk it aspires to be High Flying Bird is a disappointing attempt at bringing this sporting sector to the silver screen.

8 february

8 feb

Poster for All Is True

All Is True


The screenplay does take its time but when the film features a cast as talented as this it allows the chance for audiences to fully appreciate their performances, reflecting upon them as Shakespeare reflects on his life and career in this thoughtful envisioning of his later years.

6 february

6 feb

Poster for Alita: Battle Angel

Alita: Battle Angel


Far from Cameron’s best work and a disappointing return to the big screen. Even without the comparisons to his previous filmography this cyberpunk action adventure just lacks heart.

5 february

5 feb

Poster for The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part


Lord and Miller’s writing still has its moments of brilliance shown in countless moments throughout meaning that The LEGO Movie 2 is still good fun to play with but not built on quite as strong foundations as the original.

4 february

4 feb

Poster for Escape Room

Escape Room


This horror delivers exactly what it promises, providing tense and creative escape room thrills that completely captivate.

3 february

3 feb

Poster for Velvet Buzzsaw

Velvet Buzzsaw


Approach the film with your mind as a blank canvas ready for Gilroy to paint you a picture of twisted and thrilling theatre and you should be left satisfied.

1 february

1 feb

Poster for Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Can You Ever Forgive Me?


Are the performances better than the film itself? Quite possibly but the screenplay still provides a compelling story just one that its exceptional players give life to brilliantly, somewhat overshadowing it but for that it can certainly be forgiven.

29 january

29 jan

Poster for Second Act

Second Act


It’s a simple story filled with unapologetic humanity, heart and humour mixed together in an infectious manner.

29 january

29 jan

Poster for Destroyer



With a premise as interesting as is seen here Destroyer deserves to be better. It shines in its high octane action moments and Kidman, as well as the rest of her cast, deliver brilliant performances.

27 january

27 jan

Poster for Polar



Its mixture of tones caused by the odd range of performances fails to contribute anything positive to the film, only providing comedy that falls flat and a less than compelling story which quickly goes south.

25 january

25 jan

Poster for Mary Queen of Scots

Mary Queen of Scots


The awards accolades the film has attracted are testament to how visually impressive the costume, hair and make-up is and the performances match this aesthetic in every moment. Outstays its welcome leaving viewers with a poorer impression of itself than it deserves.

23 january

23 jan

Poster for The Mule

The Mule


So whilst its crime caper style comedy content keeps ‘The Mule’ light and entertaining and with the sheer unbelievable premise for the film contributing to this also complimented by Eastwood’s leading performance the lack of anything deeper than this prevents it from wholly maintaining its audience’s attention.

22 january

22 jan

Poster for Beautiful Boy

Beautiful Boy


Thanks to Steve Carell and Timothée Chalamet's compelling chemistry combined with the emotional subject matter they ensure that this heartbreaking family drama will be sure to move you.

21 january

21 jan

Poster for Glass



Whilst not as strong as either of the films preceding it, Glass pieces together both previous narratives with skill and satisfaction delivering a Shyamalan story with all his best traits in plain view.

19 january

19 jan

Poster for Close



Certainly has its moments but feels more like the first draft of a screenplay rather than a fully fledged action thriller.

18 january

18 jan

Poster for The Upside

The Upside


For those who have seen the original film there’s nothing new to gain here and it will be hard for those viewers not to compare it to this however The Upside will certainly appeal to new audiences and suffices as a decent, if somewhat unnecessary remake.

15 january

15 jan

Poster for Colette



A thoroughly engaging period drama that has so much to say and does so in such entertaining fashion. Knightly is excellent in the titular role with really great support from West...

14 january

14 jan

The Last Laugh


One part road trip movie and zero parts comedy The Last Laugh will sooner depress audiences than make them laugh.

11 january

11 jan

Poster for Lionheart



Fails to contribute anything at all...

8 january

8 jan

Poster for Brexit: The Uncivil War

Brexit: The Uncivil War


An entertaining crash course into the cause of the current state of politics in the country today.

8 january

8 jan

Poster for Life Itself

Life Itself


For those who can embrace the strongly sentimental tone that the film exudes the performers will provide for them a wealth of engaging and effective emotion that gives the screenplay more credibility than it has itself.

7 january

7 jan

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