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Poster for The Leisure Seeker

The Leisure Seeker


Is at times rather subdued but for all the sadness it holds it also celebrates life...

23 april

23 apr

Poster for Funny Cow

Funny Cow


Has a great punchline but shaky delivery.

22 april

22 apr

Poster for Come Sunday

Come Sunday


The compelling central debate is framed by the well crafted human drama unfolding around it combining together to tell a thoroughly engaging true story.

18 april

18 apr

Poster for Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare


Truly devoid of any effective horror.

17 april

17 apr

Poster for Thoroughbreds



An off-beat comedy thriller on acid, however it’s thriller aspects are almost always more impressive than its comedic ones.

15 april

15 apr

Poster for 6 Balloons

6 Balloons


The writing of both characters and dialogue enhances the narrative quality also, culminating in a relatable sibling relationship...

12 april

12 apr

Poster for Rampage



Nonetheless it delivers on all the best elements of a creature feature thanks to it’s over the top action, performances and script...

11 april

11 apr

Poster for Death Wish

Death Wish


The terrible lead performance and lack of any real engagement through it’s story only make it’s tasteless themes all the more noticeable...

11 april

11 apr

Poster for Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories


An intriguingly put together piece of horror and although it’s not particularly terrifying, and as a result not all that memorable, it has clear craftsmanship...

7 april

7 apr

Poster for BPM (Beats per Minute)

BPM (Beats per Minute)


It’s an electrifying cinematic experience with real drive...

5 april

5 apr

Poster for A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place


A powerful family drama set against the backdrop of an insanely well executed monster movie.

4 april

4 apr

Poster for Journeyman



Unlike any other boxing film I’ve seen before Journeyman packs an emotional punch and keeps on hitting.

1 april

1 apr

Poster for Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs


Anderson and audiences alike can rely on the humongous, varied and talented voice cast assembled to bring his oddball creations to life.

30 march

30 mar

Poster for Blockers



Constantly amusing and manages to evoke audience laughter on many occasions.

28 march

28 mar

Poster for Pacific Rim: Uprising

Pacific Rim: Uprising


Once you accept the completely crazy storyline strap yourself in for the most bonkers finale you’ll have seen for years and you’ll have one hell of a ride.

26 march

26 mar

Poster for Ready Player One

Ready Player One


Ultimately feels enjoyable in the moment but lacks any real lasting impact.

23 march

23 mar

Poster for Love, Simon

Love, Simon


A comedy, it’s a romance, it’s a high school movie, it’s so many things but most importantly it’s progress.

22 march

22 mar

Poster for Instinct



As far as stylized procedurals go, Instinct is one that takes a softer approach on stereotypical characters.

21 march

21 mar

Poster for The Outsider

The Outsider


Despite this there isn’t anything inherently bad about the film it’s just distinctly average.

21 march

21 mar

Poster for Unsane



A sinister, layered story which is shocking and horrifying experience to witness unfold...

20 march

20 mar

Poster for The Square

The Square


A fascinating critique of the modern art culture, at times making it difficult to see where it’s satire stops and it’s own artistry begins.

19 march

19 mar

Poster for Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene


The misguided approach, troublesome pace and familiar narrative beats are hard to overcome.

18 march

18 mar

Poster for Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad


A truly deranged, psychotic and manic horror film which will hit a home run with it’s desired audience...

15 march

15 mar

Poster for Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider


A solid reboot providing the series with much potential of where it can venture to next.

15 march

15 mar

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