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2014.01.01 16.00

In the middle of december you could also come to Veboli for similar movies: for example, what are similar films of Fight Club or The Notebook. To calculate this I looked for the half at the genre of a movie and for other half at the quality. Since then I have improved three things in calculating similar movies.

First, I no longer look at 'foreign' as a genre by these calculations (the difference in a movie about godzilla does not lie in the fact that it comes from Japan or America).

Second, I no longer just look at the genre to determine what a movie is about, I also look at more specific themes and subjects (like: nihilism, artificial intelligence, garbage, monkey, etc.). This way the emphasis remains on wether or not a movie is a comedy, while also taking into account what type of comedy it is.

Finally, to determine the similarity in quality I no longer just look at the difference in rating between users for two movies, but also at the difference in the average rating for the two movies. That way I can calculate the similarity for more movies and a greater amount of ratings are used to determine the quality of a movie. Look at the new calculations >

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