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2015.07.30 14.51

Design 6.0 is finished! 5.0 definitely wasn't a bad design, but I didn't completely like the light gray background and orange boxes. So I decided to play with all the style rules. By changing the background to white I was all of a sudden in a fit of inspiration and quickly made all sorts of improvements.

You can see everything I've changed the best on the film page. Here is how the page used to look for The Matrix:

Design 5: screenshot of the old movie page for The Matrix. The parts are organized in light gray boxes with an orange bar at the top.

Light gray background, orange boxes with icons, and the old design for displaying your rating.

And this is how the page for The Matrix now looks:

Design 6: screenshot of the new movie page for The Matrix. The parts are organized in boxes with a dark blue bar under the title.

White background, a simple design for the boxes, and a clearer display of your rating. The degree of recommendation for the movies you haven't seen is now displayed (in yellow) everywhere, not just on the recommendations page.

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