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Improved home page

2021-10-17 16:37

I've improved all sorts of things on the home page! Quicker loading speed, new sections, small tweeks, you name it.

One of the big things is the loading speed. I made the background image, the what's new section, and the trending section load via lazy loading. That way the page can finish loading fast and those parts will be added as soon as they're ready. In that process I also rewrote some inefficient code that loads the spotlight recommendations in the what's new section which cut loading time down by as much as 75%!

I re-added recommendation previews and added links to the quick rate lists for new users.

I removed scrolling within trending, now you can see the 12 most popular movies at the moment without having to scroll.

And lastly I added a background image for the rate, write, add to a list section at the top. And also added a few new possible options, like Dr. Strangelove and Portrait of a Lady on Fire, bringing the total up to 20.

Screenshot of the new home page for a new user.

Example of the new home page for a new user.

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