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In 2018, a total of 480 movies played in Dutch movie theaters. Even if you watched one every day with an extra per day on the weekend you'd come up around 10 short. There are a lot of options in the movie theaters these days!

And in the great unknown of all those movies are bound to be movies you would love to see. So I've added all the showtimes from Cineville, Kinepolis, Pathé, Vue, and a few others for a grand total of 114 movie theaters and linked this to your personal recommendations.

Image of the recommendations in the cinema page with the movies Blinded by the Light and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood being recommended for a user in Utrecht.

Now you can easily see which movies are worth a trip to the cinemas! And of course which ones are meh and which ones you should avoid.

Your top four recommendations are shown on the home page. You can see if a movie is playing in (your) cinemas on the movie's information page and in the preview that opens up when you click on a movie (for example on the recommendations page).

Image of the preview showing Booksmart, with a link to movie theaters in which it is playing in the bottom right.

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