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Poster for Charlotte a du fun

Charlotte a du fun


It has several issues and I loved most of the narrative. Its message was good but often time it got too jumbled and lost.

3 march

3 mar

Poster for Serenity



The script and narrative are ridiculous and borderline stupid. There’s a ton of great actors doing terrible work here.

28 february

28 feb

Rust Creek


Hermione Corfield is absolutely awesome as our lead performance here. Looking at the script we see a film that unravels like a labyrinth of lies, deceit, and drugs.

27 february

27 feb

Poster for IO



There is scant a thing to like here. If you do manage to get through the film without falling asleep you aren’t in for much of a ride.

25 february

25 feb

Poster for Ashes in the Snow

Ashes in the Snow


This isn’t a good film in the least bit. Bel Powley does what she can and sadly she isn’t the issue she’s just let down by the crap material.

21 february

21 feb

Poster for Two Times You

Two Times You


Director Salomón Askenazi (shoutout to him!) makes some absolutely nutty decisions with the script (which he wrote) and most of that works to a spectacular degree.

20 february

20 feb

Poster for Fyre Fraud

Fyre Fraud


Skip this. If you want a solid documentary, go with Won’t You Be My Neighbor? or Midnight Family. It isn’t a bad film...

19 february

19 feb

Poster for The Souvenir

The Souvenir


An out of focus oft badly shot mess of snobbery and snooze-inducing madness.

18 february

18 feb

After the Wedding


That predictability hurts the overall narrative. There are some good performances here, especially by both of our leading ladies.

17 february

17 feb

Poster for Troop Zero

Troop Zero


Narratively it traverses familiar territory. Bert and Bertie don’t explore things too much outside the surface attributes of their characters. They develop them…slightly but it isn’t enough.

15 february

15 feb

Poster for The Report

The Report


Adam Driver is phenomenal in what might be his best role to date. This is a film that grips its talons into you and refuses to let go.

13 february

13 feb

Poster for Velvet Buzzsaw

Velvet Buzzsaw


Far too long. Far too uninteresting and overall a complete piece of schlock.

10 february

10 feb

Poster for Selah and the Spades

Selah and the Spades


Tayarisha Poe’s script has some whip-smart dialogue. It’s just too bad her work behind the camera isn’t nearly as strong. Often out of focus it’s hard to make sense of the visuals when the camera has no focus.

10 february

10 feb

Poster for Light from Light

Light from Light


This is a spin on the paranormal film that you really don’t ever see. Instead of some sort of horror film, this is a drama.

9 february

9 feb

Poster for Legend of the Demon Cat

Legend of the Demon Cat


So this is an absolutely stunning looking film. Director Kaige Chen builds this world into something like you’ve never seen.

7 february

7 feb

Poster for Fighting with My Family

Fighting with My Family


It hits all the tropes and that’s one of the things that hold it back. It is quite funny though, given the talent here that shouldn’t be a surprise.

7 february

7 feb

Poster for Adam



This film feels fresh and distinctive and director Ernst is the right person to tell this story honestly. Sadly the narrative and acting aren’t all that great and the beats tend to be far more predictable then they need to be.

6 february

6 feb

Poster for Paradise Hills

Paradise Hills


Aesthetically the costuming and settings look amazing. That is the strength of this…the visuals. Looking at this narratively everything that happens is a bit on the predictable side. That’s a disappointment.

6 february

6 feb

Poster for Premature



This is kind of a disappointment. There’s a good script here but the performances are nothing to write home about.

5 february

5 feb

Poster for Before You Know It

Before You Know It


What an absolutely fantastic film. What writers Hannah Pearl Utt and Jen Tullock do with this script is fun, funny and features just enough heart.

4 february

4 feb

Poster for Animals



. These are adult women struggling to figure out life. It’s a script wonderfully written and a film solidly directed. Sophie Hyde never lets the material get the best of her and instead tackles SO well.

4 february

4 feb

Poster for Aquarela



An utterly breathtaking cinematic experience.

2 february

2 feb

Quarter Life Poetry


From the camerawork to the writing everything sort of coalesces. Jayne is ridiculously talented and if this show hits (as hard as I think it will) she’ll be a humongous star.

2 february

2 feb

Poster for Greener Grass

Greener Grass


The humor was just not for me. Much of it was just far too obscure.

1 february

1 feb

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