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Design 14.0

2020.04.02 17.59

When you create an account, the second step is to rate some well known movies so the algorithm can get a sense of what movies you like and dislike. That had been a single list of 300 movies. I decided it would be better to more clearly group these movies. For example, a list of comedies and a list of Marvel movies.

When I looked at the page my mind wandered and I changed the color of the background. The yellow pastel color looked great and felt warm and inviting!

I tweaked some of the text colors and box elements to go with this warmer theme. Check out what the changes look like for the second step:

Image of the new page for filling in your taste profile when you register.

Then I got around to the original task and organized and expanded the list of movies you seen when you fill in your taste profile when you create an account. The page has sixteen lists which you can expand by clicking on them to start rating movies. I also added icons to go with the lists, they were a lot of fun to create!

I also got rid of the recommendations previews because you get those right after you finish creating your account anyway. Here's what the page used to look like:

Image of the old page for filling in your taste profile when you register.

Check out the post about design 13.0.

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