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Poster for Simple Mind

Simple Mind


Isn’t perfect due to its audio issues but it’s still a brief and effective short film that warrants a watch.

7 december

7 dec

Poster for The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs


It may not be their best work but it’s certainly a conversation piece that may grow on viewers with subsequent watches.

4 december

4 dec

Poster for Blue My Mind

Blue My Mind


While Blue My Mind may not end up as a classic coming-of-age story, it shares some excellent company and does plenty to stand on its own merits as well.

30 november

30 nov

Poster for Creed II

Creed II


Although Creed II doesn’t exceed the quality of its predecessor, it’s still nestled in the top tier of the franchise.

26 november

26 nov



Where McGovern’s previous film tried to do too much, the writer/director hits the sweet spot with Hush. The story is concise and the message is clear.

21 november

21 nov

Poster for Widows



It’s not poorly written, acted, or shot. In fact, it’s the opposite in all of those categories. Though, it’s easily Steve McQueen’s worst film.

19 november

19 nov

Poster for The Queen of Hollywood Blvd

The Queen of Hollywood Blvd


The visuals, the music, and the acting are all very good and the film’s influences don’t mimic as much as pay homage to films of old.

16 november

16 nov

Poster for The Girl in the Spider's Web

The Girl in the Spider's Web


The story is so painfully bland that decent acting and action scenes can’t save it. In addition, these are not the same characters from Fincher’s film and it’s not the fault of the cast.

10 november

10 nov

Poster for Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody


Even with its shortcomings though, the film is still entertaining and will keep you invested. If you simply take Bohemian Rhapsody for what it is, it’s a mostly good time at the movies.

8 november

8 nov

Poster for The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project


A ridiculously important film and deserves much more credit than it’s sometimes given.

29 october

29 oct



The film is well made with great cinematography, camerawork, and music. The acting is good across the board and every character is there to enhance the overall story.

25 october

25 oct

Poster for It



An enticing first half is offset by a bumbling second but there’s a lot to appreciate.

23 october

23 oct

Poster for Halloween



It’s a decent sequel that will leave fans wondering what could’ve been with some fine-tuning moreso than a vehicle to usher in new fans to the franchise.

19 october

19 oct

Poster for A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born


A great film overall. One could even say that it’s close to exceptional. Yet, the storytelling aspect is almost there but falls just short.

17 october

17 oct

Poster for Poltergeist



When the scares really get going, the film turns into pure insanity. Sure, it gets a little ridiculous but it’s still a lot of fun.

12 october

12 oct

Poster for The Omen

The Omen


Everything about The Omen just works and it still holds up to this day.

8 october

8 oct

Poster for Venom



Everything about Venom is a complete and utter misstep.

5 october

5 oct

Poster for Hell House LLC II: The Abaddon Hotel

Hell House LLC II: The Abaddon Hotel


Most certainly inferior to the original, there’s still plenty to like.

2 october

2 oct

Poster for Hell Fest

Hell Fest


A satisfying slasher film.

1 october

1 oct

Poster for Assassination Nation

Assassination Nation


A very watchable film. The problem is that the film can’t seem to latch onto what makes the story interesting and it does suffer because of it.

25 september

25 sep

Poster for The Predator

The Predator


The characters are alright at best but after 107 minutes of bland action, boring story, and horribly unfunny jokes, you’ll be pleading for the film’s end.

19 september

19 sep

Poster for The Basement

The Basement


A very solid independent horror flick.

17 september

17 sep

Poster for The Nun

The Nun


Unfortunately, the jump scares, lame story, and run of the mill CGI set this one back quite a bit.

10 september

10 sep

Poster for Searching



A unique experience that’s surprisingly well made. Unlike most films with an emphasis on technology, this one expertly utilizes it instead of simply making fun or citing the dangers of it.

6 september

6 sep

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