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Poster for Brothers' Nest

Brothers' Nest


Boasting a fantastic score by Richard Pleasance and his Pleasantville band, the film takes some time to build up, but the writing is effective, pointing out to a tough, unrelenting, and intense final part where the brothers’ loyalty is put to test.

8 may

8 may

Poster for Lemonade



It’s a well-acted, if too polished, exercise tinged with sadness and hope alike. Still, the valid ideas had a considerable margin for improvement.

6 may

6 may

Poster for A Vigilante

A Vigilante


The idea in this classically suspenseful story sounds a lot better than its execution. The director cooks it slow and steady, balancing the tension throughout. Yet, she never provides that spine-chilling effect one constantly seeks in a film of this nature.

2 may

2 may

Poster for The Pigeon

The Pigeon


Besides conveying both the purity and naivety of Yusuf’s personality by depicting his stronger affinity with birds and detachment from people, this bittersweet drama also makes us think about work and eke out a living. Still, I struggled to empathize and connect emotionally with the central character.

29 april

29 apr

Poster for High Life

High Life


High Life is a mesmerizing, cerebral collision of uncontrolled human impulsivity and troubled survival.

26 april

26 apr

Poster for Glass



Problems with this film: the ideas simply don’t breathe, the narrative is more viscous than fluid, the dialogue is stiff, the connections are simplistic and amateurish, and the performances have no room to shine.

25 april

25 apr

Poster for Triple Frontier

Triple Frontier


Mildly enjoyable, Candor’s platitude is pumped up by some good, if intermittent, thrilling scenes and the sharp duality that confronts amorality - in the face of greed - with the unselfishness that ensues redemption.

22 april

22 apr

Poster for Us



Even with some over-the-top extravagance popping up here and there, the inventive script definitely puts Peele among the greats of the genre.

20 april

20 apr

Poster for Shazam!



The nature of the dialogue oscillates between witty and imbecilic, which didn’t bother me at all in this context, while the fast pace and high-energy scenes help to project the attractive visual style.

17 april

17 apr

Poster for Her Smell

Her Smell


Firstly mounted like a humorless bizarre circus and then transforming for the flimsy redemption of its protagonist, Her Smell lacks essentially a tuneful note, lingering too much time in an uncomfortable dissonant universe.

15 april

15 apr

Poster for 3 Faces

3 Faces


Panahi refuses to abandon his art; and if his film meditates about cultural tradition, it also works as a metaphor by targeting those who disregard artistic life, seeing it as a minor craft. He gets everything under control with his camera, which, observing quietly, inflicts a decent low-key treatment in a peculiar road movie marked by slightly intriguing moments.

12 april

12 apr

Poster for Quién te cantará

Quién te cantará


Laced with revelational yet laborious self-examinations, this is a sleep-inducing melodrama that never earns what it works so hard to accomplish.

12 april

12 apr

Poster for Girl



Despite ambitious and perfectly plausible in its complexity, the story could have taken the tension further, never entering into a thought-provoking territory.

9 april

9 apr

Poster for The Realm

The Realm


The Realm doesn’t cover new ground in the shadier tactics of politicians, but is ingeniously acted and well-meaning in its efforts to denounce their outrageous behaviors, impudent attitude, and obsession for power.

8 april

8 apr

Poster for Dragged Across Concrete

Dragged Across Concrete


Largely shot in lurid, gilded tones that serve to paint oppressive environments, Dragged Across Concrete is a tremendous misfire that even the most vehement fans of cop thrillers should have trouble to connect.

4 april

4 apr

Poster for Long Day's Journey Into Night

Long Day's Journey Into Night


Bi Gan presents us impasses and ambiguities along the way that by no means are resolved. I take my hat off to him in terms of filmmaking, yet the experience would have been better if the script had a less blurred nitty-gritty and more bite.

1 april

1 apr

Poster for Clergy



Although far from outstanding in its execution, the film served to re-initiate inflamed yet necessary debates about well-known abuses in the Catholic Church worldwide.

29 march

29 mar

Poster for Pity



Pity is morbid and ludicrous nonsense that grows tiresome, loaded with grief-imbued close-ups, trapped in a rigid pace and unchangeable atmosphere, and failing to unlock much of the positive indications patented in its inaugural phase.

27 march

27 mar

Poster for Fighting with My Family

Fighting with My Family


Energetic fights at the sound of hard rock music are intercalated with scenes soaked in melodramatic gimmick, which never worked for me. Already twisting in my seat, I was gladdened when, finally, the credits started to roll.

26 march

26 mar

Poster for Custody



Custody is heartbreaking, but never feels manipulative, thanks to the believable performances. Indeed, both Ménochet and the young newcomer Gioria were perfect choices for their roles.

22 march

22 mar

Poster for The Tree of Blood

The Tree of Blood


The images of The Tree of Blood exhibit that sophisticated gloss worthy of a classy art-house film. However, under the surface, lies an empty soul.

20 march

20 mar

Poster for Ash Is Purest White

Ash Is Purest White


Preserving a detailed, intimate, and observant style, so reminiscent of Hou Hsiao Hsien, Zhangke provides us a culturally intense, consistently-told story with a noir sense of punishment, bitterness, and disillusion. This powerful look at an ever-transitioning Chinese society comes with plausible twists that indicate new times, new realities, and new postures.

18 march

18 mar

Poster for Capernaum



It’s all too painful and frustrating, but there are moments of true love and care. My only hesitation has to do with the too optimistic, even naive idea of justice. At once touching and infuriating, the film bursts with irrepressible sadness and deserves kudos for avoiding gratuitous sentimental deflections.

13 march

13 mar

Poster for 24 Frames

24 Frames


Although 24 Frames is attractive to the eyes and senses, it requires patience since there are no characters or even a plot to follow. Kiarostami prefers simplicity to opaqueness, and his method is pure, almost symbolizing the vision of a child. Not for everyone, these art forms are to stare at, relax, and enjoy.

12 march

12 mar

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