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The King


Even not as striking as the previous unforgettable versions of Henry V by Laurence Olivier in 1944 and Kenneth Branagh in 1989, The King is rarely uninteresting and still resonates with a consistent structure, excellent production values, and competent performances.

27 november

27 nov

Poster for The Dead Center

The Dead Center


Mediocrely entertaining and repetitive in the procedures, The Dead Center lacks guts and never coheres into something special. Its characters are bland in posture and underdeveloped in their essence. The film might not be as much creative as we would have hoped, but at least it doesn’t waste time on giving useless explanations for the occult puzzle. This is perhaps the most valuable aspect that Senese has to offer.

22 november

22 nov

Poster for The Laundromat

The Laundromat


Even with the best of the intentions in mind, Soderbergh didn’t avoid a mess, plunging The Laundromat into a sea of silliness and artifice. The revelation of names, their scams, and their shameless impunity are all that was left, and despite the mixed feelings, I hope the film can get people to avoid this plague in the future.

18 november

18 nov

Poster for The Farewell

The Farewell


With the ability to touch us in many ways, The Farewell plays closer to the heart. It’s a very rewarding film assembled with a disarming touch of brilliance.

15 november

15 nov

Poster for The Third Wife

The Third Wife


The approach is simplistic in nature, oozing delicacy even in the toughest moments. Yet, although fumbling from time to time, this is a respectable first work from Mayfield, who didn’t thrill me with her methods of bringing out emotion and intimacy, but revealed a huge capacity to embrace aesthetic filmmaking.

14 november

14 nov

Poster for The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse


Bolstered by the vigorous performances, a great sound design, and the mind-expanding black-and-white imagery, Eggers assembles a legitimate, weirdly fascinating pitch-dark horror picture that spirals beyond human comprehension.

11 november

11 nov



Typical biopic procedures are found in a film that, just like its main character, is emotionally wobbly. Despite giving an idea of Judy’s personality and late life difficulties, this compassionate dramatic piece never punches hard. In place, it merely caresses faintly. Zellweger is the one who saves the film from the most terrible defeat.

6 november

6 nov

Poster for Woman at War

Woman at War


This wildly improbable yet utterly engrossing tale packed with political connotations is very much recommended. Fully embracing the adventure, the director does a great job in designing a solid narrative based on currently compelling topics that gain extra force through funny and entertaining moments.

4 november

4 nov

Poster for Firecrackers



Praised with the Canadian Screen Award, Mozaffari doesn’t really innovate, but recreates known atmospheres and moods with new characters constantly searching for a way out in spite of the obstacles and pitfalls. Formidable performances from the young actresses.

31 october

31 oct

Poster for Hard Paint

Hard Paint


The writers/directors adopt a simmering, low-key approach delineated with a mix of tension and languidness that works incredibly well, and the film grows emotionally as it should. The story, evenly complex and meaningful, reflects honesty in all its magnitude and was handled with attention and gravitas.

28 october

28 oct

Poster for Ad Astra

Ad Astra


Far from mind-blowing in its hidden secrecies, Ad Astra is only modestly engaging, benefitting from the finely crafted visuals - great cinematography by Hoyte van Hoytema - but failing to achieve dramatic grandeur.

22 october

22 oct

Poster for Joker



Without a hint of hesitation, he injects mordantly funny moments among the torrents of sadness and makes the film thrive both as a noir drama and a clever psychological thriller. Digging deep into his role, Phoenix was the secret weapon required to make us understand the human pain behind the Joker’s wickedness.

16 october

16 oct

Poster for Hustlers



There is no originality, tension, or creativity in Scafaria’s account, which roundly fails to succeed in both the erotic and the drama departments.

23 september

23 sep

Poster for Ready or Not

Ready or Not


In truth, we are before a deeply nuts fusion of comedy and horror that is something you should go for, even considering its final stage sillier than expected.

18 september

18 sep

Poster for American Factory

American Factory


Despite a slightly gradual decay as it progresses, the film is compelling and provocative, shedding light on the impacts of an abusive foreign investment.

16 september

16 sep

Poster for Midsommar



What Midsommar lacks in originality, it more than makes up for with offbeat moments adorned with gut-wrenching eccentricities. Nonetheless, it was merely entertaining, even occasionally funny, but never truly scary.

10 september

10 sep

Poster for In Fabric

In Fabric


Glamorously surreal, darkly funny, and avidly maniacal, this effort is uplifted by a turbulent and surprising finale.

6 september

6 sep

Poster for Mine 9

Mine 9


Images, music, and acting contribute in equal measure to capture the atmosphere of a small mining community whose resilience to mishap is remarkable. The simple storyline and real-life backdrop were fundamental to success, in a drama equal parts tragedy and compassion.

3 september

3 sep

Poster for Lords of Chaos

Lords of Chaos


Lords of Chaos feels like a sick extravaganza rather than an accurate and substantial account of the story/case it claims to portray. To make everything more difficult, the ending is the dumbest part of the movie. Skip it.

31 august

31 aug

Poster for Blinded by the Light

Blinded by the Light


Inspiring? Not to me. Lamentably, this bland exercise, cooked with euphoric floridness, never goes deeper than the surface.

28 august

28 aug

Poster for Long Shot

Long Shot


While flirting with some disturbing political truths, the film sometimes mistakes fatuity for freshness. If anything, it works as a showcase for the actors. Rogen is equal to himself and Theron spreads charm throughout. On the screen, they seem to be having a lot of fun together, but the film is definitely not above the ordinary.

26 august

26 aug

Poster for Parasite



Brilliantly shot and photographed with Kyung-pyo Hong's distinctive palette, Parasite offers a lot of wicked pleasures, providing you with a delightfully insane cinematic experience. This is pretty strong filmmaking admittedly and one of the best films of the year in its genre.

22 august

22 aug

Poster for Wild Rose

Wild Rose


The film isn’t all bad and Buckley’s onscreen presence is significant; however, it just didn’t work out as an emotionally resonant tale, with director Tom Harper and writer Nicole Taylor playing the easiest notes without risking something outside the scale.

19 august

19 aug

Poster for Light of My Life

Light of My Life


The film is still able to capture an interesting vibe that comes from the strong bond and trust established by the two leads. Yet, regardless of this particular aspect and the persistent anxiety-filled scenes, there’s nothing new here to be remembered. Sadly, the promise of a thrilling story fades along the way.

17 august

17 aug

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